Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Watch Me As I Gravitate

Here is a picture of a colt licking its leg.

You know, you'd think someday I'd finally get that if I drink too early in the evening, I'm pretty much useless for the rest of the night, but apparently, I never learn.

I met my friend S. after work at Sam's Pizza for Happy Two Hours. Well, at least it was happy for me. I got stuck for a bit on a stupid, played out topic and I totally can't hold my alcohol, and S. totally can, so I don't know how happy it was for her. Thank god it's always all about me then, huh? No, really. Sorry S.

Earlier in the day, my friend K. messaged me to say that she and T. were meeting at George's after work, and did I want to come out and play. Since I already had plans with S., I told her I'd try to catch up with them afterward. When I finally met up with them, I said two things, "I'm not allowed to drink any more beer and I really need a cheeseburger." I met T.'s friend M. who was pretty awesome.

At one point, a guy M. knew came over by our booth to hang up his jacket and M. asked him if he got his test results back. She was talking about some business class they were taking together, but we were all thinking of those tests you sometimes have to take after you drink too much and go home with the wrong person who may or may not have left you with a present that needs to be treated with antibiotics or special creams. When she finally figured out why we were laughing, she said "You, you and you," pointing at each one of us individually. "You are all dirty." She catches on fast, that M.

I got home by eight thirty'ish and tried to play a little BioShock, but I was worthless and tired and too lazy to get very far. I'm at the point now, where I just want to finish it so I can get on with my life and do those little things, like washing dishes, making dinner and bathing regularly, that seem so much less important than saving an imaginary underwater community at the hands of a maniacal dictator. You know?


Remiman said...

I'm the same way: if I drink two glasses of wine with diner I might as well go to bed for all I'm worth after that.

evil-e said...

Bathing regularly is a good thing, glad you kept that in mind.

Back in the crazy days, '95-'99 me and my next door neighbor Bubba would go to happy hour at 3 or so on a Friday. We would map out our plan to get a good buzz going for cheap, retire to our places for naps, and get back to the drinking about 9ish or so. It always worked out that we both would end up drinking at 9, the next morning and coffee at that. I hate ruining the whole night by drinking too early.

Margaret said...

girl, you've got a community to save. since when is that not important

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

I can't hold my liquor either.. you are not alone in that department... If I drink wine then I'm usually yawning by the time I'm on my second glass..

yaj said...

Ha! I thought that was you. I too was at Sam's yesterday for a drink with some of my IC Bike Library cohorts. Gotta love the random Churlita sightings! I would have said hi, but that probably would have been weird, right? Anyway, I only stuck around for a little bit and then it was off to Lamaze class with my wife. Nothing like smelling like beer at Lamaze class.....totally professional.

As for Bioshock, I really want to get the PC version, though it's kind of expensive right now and I'm sort of worried how much time I would spend with it. I've been known to geek out pretty hardcore on the video games in the past. Once it gets truly cold out, maybe I'll pick it up. Cheers!

minijonb said...

yeah, i know. i'm always running out of energy these days. and i've got a lot on my plate as well. if i could add in some time to work out at the gym, that might help, but how?!?

Tara said...

I had too much wine too early on a Sunday one time, and I wanted to nap for the rest of the day. Can't do that anymore. And when I have had too much to drink and I'm playing "The Sims", the majority of them die in freak accidents cuz I get tired of caring for them. Hehe.

booda baby said...

Eight-thirty-ish, after a nice drinky evening like that, is way too early. I only say that because if I'm lucky enough to catch a buzz early, I have to/like to take full advantage of it.

a said...

2 beers + 8:30 = go to bed - wait I don't even need the 2 beers anymore but I can fall asleep at 8:30.
Georges cheesburger sounds sooooo deelicious right now. (but really only is after 2 beers)

Brando said...

I'm at the point now, where I just want to finish it so I can get on with my life and do those little things, like washing dishes, making dinner and bathing regularly, that seem so much less important than saving an imaginary underwater community at the hands of a maniacal dictator. You know?

There is?

I forgot to comment on your earlier post about harvesting the Little Sisters: I couldn't do it. I had the same problem with Gran Theft Auto. I just don't like playing the bad guy.

egan said...

Sometimes we just don't want to learn from past experiences. What's BioShock?

DJSassafrass said...

You're fine silly! Besides, I think my junior high drama of today totally covers us. Is this really my life? Crazy stuff.

Chance said...

gorillaz, yo

laura b. said...

It has been too, too long. I really need to get my drinking face on.

Churlita said...


Hey, at least we're cheap dates.


At least you guys had a plan.


That's exactly how I feel.


I've always been like this too. It's not just because I'm old.


It wouldn't have been weird. You should totally introduce yourself when you see me out. It would be great to meet you.

And congrats on the impending parenthood. I would suggest playing any video game you wanted BEFORE the blessed event. Afterward, you probably won't have the time.


You're right. Running really helps witht eh energy levels.


Playing Sims drunk and watching them die in freak accidents sounds kind of fun.

Booda Baby,

I would too if I didn't have to work the next morning. Stupid work.


The cheeseburger was really good after two pints.


I'm right there with you. It just seemed too wrong.


BioShock is a kick-ass video game.


Cool. Let's call it even and not worry about exchanging silly dramas in the future. I have a feeling neither one of us are through with ridiculous situations, unfortunately.


Exactamente. It's an awesome song to run to.


You totally should, and then blog about it, so we can live vicariously through you.