Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lives Her Life From Inside of a Room

Okay, childrenses. I'm finally putting up my building photos. They are both from last year, but I like them, so you get to see them again. Here is the bridge to cross the street by the Biology building.

And this is a photo of fire escapes on the Bo James' building. I don't think I need to remind you how much I like fire escapes, do I?

My first hibernation weekend of the year is coming along quite nicely. The girls and I went to the mall. How weird is that? Neither of the girls had other plans and we actually got to spend a couple of hours together as a family. Freaky.

On our way out, I saw my friend A. with her mom and her kids ahead of us, and I used it as a perfect opportunity to mess with her. I snuck up right behind A., and stood next to her daughter and started tugging hard on her purse. She was at the mall, so I figured she was probably at least a little annoyed anyway, and my mission was to put her over the edge, and boy howdy, did I. She swung around all ready to ream someone, until she saw it was me. I can't remember A.'s exact words, but I think she may have said, "You ass," or something to that effect. It was perfect.

A. almost made me want to break from my self-imposed Saturday evening solitude, by suggesting that I come over and split a bottle of wine with her, but I knew that once I went running and came home, I wasn't going to want to leave my house again. So, I declined and we'll have to schedule that on another weekend when I'm not in such dire need of "me" time.

I talked to my friend K. a couple of times today, and we firmed up Halloween plans. Her housemate's mom and brother were coming to visit and she had to get some cleaning done, so we decided we'd go over Halloween costume options tomorrow at the Vine when we watched football. Right now, I'm wavering between a superhero, (thanks for that suggestion, LauraB.) and Trevor suggested Aeon Flux, so I think I'll be going through my 4,000 comic books for more suggestions, or a Catholic school girl. I have everything for that costume, so it would be handy, plus there would be the added comic element of me being 42 years old. I could vary that by being an Emo Catholic school girl and have some cuts on my arm and wear black lipstick, or I could be a dead CSG and make my face nice and gruesome. As usual, I'm always happy to hear what you all think.


Tara said...

How about Catwoman? I dressed up as Trinity from "The Matrix" awhile ago, and well it was not like looking at my twin. Still, I had a black trenchcoat and sunglasses and I wore all black. What I didn't know till that day was that my nephew dressed up as Neo. :D His mom just had to get a photo.

A said...

I think a dead anything goes over well on halloween. However in Iowa City I believe the prereq is to have as little clothing on as posssible(without risking arrest)and be dead, a nurse, a naked ninja, any of these will go over well at the I.C. bars. I am thinking of taking my kids trick or treating as the naked dead pro wrestler... what do ya think?

Chance said...

I think a dead anything goes over well on halloween.

How about a dead superhero?

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I like fire escapes too.

Dude you are so lucky your friend didn't haul off and wallop or taze you!

I'm the last person to offer advice on costumes - this very moment I'm thinking "hobo".

evil-e said...

Hot zombie school girl...ooh. Photos would be absolutely necessary.

I will be showing off my very easy costume tomorrow...stay tuned.

Churlita said...


I'd need some kind of cool bodysuit for Catwoman and sadly, I don't own one.


I think that sounds awesome, How about a naked, dead Andre the Giant?


A dead superhero is a good idea.


If I dressed like a hobo to the bar I'm going to, nobody would know the difference.


I can't wait to see your costume.

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

Catholic schoo;l girl would be a good one.. And Aeon Flux is different.. too bad the movie sucked...

laura b. said...

Oh, emo CSG! That's hilarious! I do like a costume with a humorous element.
Your photos are great too. Fire escapes are awesome.