Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yes We're Sad and Sorry

Here is a photo of what my brain feels like right now. My poor, sad, sorry head.

This will be quick, since I thought it was a great idea to drink a couple of pints at noon and it all felt totally fine at the time, but now it's come back to bite me in the ass.

Stinky went with to watch the Steelers game today. She seemed to have fun. She was telling my friend K. that her new boyfriend is a Steelers fan and K. said. "You can't go wrong with a Steelers fan..." and then looked at me and laughed and corrected herself. "Well, sometimes you can." Stinky got to hang-out with my friend T. and since they are essentially the same person, they were able to talk about nail polish and shoes and make fun of a guy for looking like Luke Perry.

We kicked around costume ideas. K. thought the superhero idea would be great for me, since I'm not shy about flying my geek flag. The big problem is that I have the boots, and the tights and I can make a cape really easily, but I don't have the middle part. I have a couple of friends who are going to dig around to see if they have an old corset lying around. I haven't dated anyone in several years worth owning a corset for, so I'm all corsetted out. If that falls through, I think I'm going with the zombie catholic school girl get-up because it's easy and I get to wear creepy make-up.

Yeah, so...I think that's all I'm good for tonight. It's kind of a shame, because I was doing so well earlier this weekend. Leave it to me to fuck-up the finish.


Remiman said...

hyou costume, pictures here will be expected. Corsette? Hmmm, hope your friends come through.

Margaret said...

could you be a zombir-cathoic-schoolgirl-superhero? there's something special about wearing a cape

not fainthearted said...

aren't all zombie-catholic-school-girls superheros?

Or is am I wrong on that?

Tara said...

Zombie-catholic-schoolgirl sounds like something Facebook should invent. There are zombie wars and vampire wars, and there's a vampire schoolgirl status, but not a zombie-catholic-schoolgirl stage.

booda baby said...

I'm so bad and lazy at the costume thing, I'd mix and match and call it a day. (Ha!) Quick glance, I see Margaret is just as willing to cheat as I am.

You're probably one of those purists, though?

Michelle said...

One year I found a white sheet, cut eye holes in it, and wala! I was a ghost. Classic :) You should be a super Catholic school girl. Add the cape and a giant red cross! :D

DJSassafrass said...

There is a man worth owning a corset for? You must mean Rhett Butler, because you know that NOBODY is worth me stuffing my C-cup boobs into submission for, how would I get a breath to smoke???

dmarks said...

Could cover your middle as part of your costume; for example wearing one of those giant stuffed snakes around your middle.

MrManuel said...

I would really like to be dress up for Halloween, but I haven't been invited to a Halloween party in many many years!

Sorry, I missed that you nominated Laura for this week. I hadn't looked at blogs yet from this past weekend except yours to look for the new word. HA! See what happens! Thanks for pointing it out!

David in DC said...

I think zombie catholic schoolgirl is an awesome idea.

I've never met anybody I thought it was worth wearing a corset for either, and I don'r even have c-cup boobs.

laura b. said...

Well, you have us all very invested in your costume now! Pictures will definitely be required.
And if I may analogize have been burning the candles at both ends for a bit now...nothing wrong with snuffing the flame early for just one night.

evil-e said...

The zombie Catholic school girl still sounds hot to me....the super heroine does not sound too bad either. Either way, photos are a must.

Your daughter is most wise...You cannot go wrong with a Steelers fan!!!

Churlita said...


I'll definitely try to put a photo up.


I know. I'll have to figure out a way to work that in.


One would like to think so.


Maybe we could put that on next month's calendar.

Booda Baby,

Never a purist - but I have to have the right stuff.


I had a giant cross that one of my ex-husband's relatives in Mexico gave us a wedding present, but I hid it somewhere because it scared the crap out of me. I wish I knew where I put it now.


I guess I'm thinking more like a bustier, and if you wear one with the right guy, chances are you won't have it on very long anyway.


I think that would be a lot to lug around a bar. But it was a nice idea. It would look super cool.

Mr Manuel,

Oh, sorry. I probably did it wrong and put it up on the wrong week. I'm glad it's all settled now though.


If you ever do wear a corset, do you promise to post photos on your blog?

Laura B.,

I actually went to bed by 11 last night. The first time in ages.


That was kind of a crack at the last guy who was a Steelers fan, but was very wrong for me. OOps.