Monday, February 09, 2009

I Recall the Sunshine As You Were Melting

It's time for another installment of "what's in the storm drain by my house". I haven't taken a photo lately, because it's been covered with snow since the beginning of December, I think. Anyway, today you can barely see the grate because of all the sand that's covering it. There's also a chocolate milk carton, a plastic part to a car, a water bottle, and I think that's a Keystone beer can. Nothing but the finest for my storm drain.

Today, the weather was heavenly. It rained while I was at work, just like it always should. Then when it was time for me to run, it was perfect. I ran my four mile route and had no problem with it. I hope that means my cold is officially over. Which is good, because I am so over my cold. I'm so tired of my cold's bullshit, that I hope I never see its snot-filled face again.

The last couple of evenings, I've noticed the crows going all ape shit and flying in these huge swarms. Do crows swarm, or do they flock, or are they just big, shitting, cawing, pains in the asses, so who cares what you call their rallying together? They definitely have been overwhelming the sky and the trees. So, maybe now that I've kicked my cold to the curb, I'll start working on a nice case of the bird flu.

Even though the weather has been great, we are definitely at the ugly, ass-end of Winter. The snow is gray and dirty and now that most of it has melted, the exposed grass is brown and muddy. Lucky for me, I live across the street from a creek. The water is so dramatic right now, what with all the ice cracking loudly, and being pushed downstream. If this went on all the time, I might not need cable anymore.

Okay, my episode of Hodge Podge Lodge is over. (Does anyone else remember that show, or was it just in Arizona in the 70's?) I hope you feel at one with your immediate environment, and if you wanted to post a photo of what's clogging your storm drain, I promise to be fascinated by it.


Remiman said...

Never heard of Hodge Podge.
Glad your feeling better. Colds suck big time.
Snow melt here too; frezing drizzle forecast for this AM. Crows are Magical, especially a coven of them. Be careful that they don't carry you away.

Mr Atrocity said...

"What's in the storm drain by my house" might be my new favourite show. It's certainly better than 99.873% of what's on regular T.V.

dmarks said...

Watch out for that scary clown in the drain.

NoRegrets said...

Never heard of Hodge Podge. Though it's a great name.
I read an article once about crows. They are actually fascinating...

booda baby said...

Thanks for the reminder. The creamy snowfall part of winter gets me all nostalgic but the residue ... it's not so hard to imagine being a 17th century peasant. Or maybe that's just me.

laura b. said...

I'm glad you're feeling better...and thanks for the storm drain update! I imagine those crows are celebrating the return of being able to see the actual ground so that they can get to the bugs or whatever might be lying around there.

Susan said...

We have mulch out in front of where I live. All I've noticed since the snow melted is how few of my neighbors pick up after their dogs when there's snow outside.

Churlita said...


Freezing drizzle is worse than snow in my book. I hope the roads didn't get too bad.

Mr Atrocity,

It could my new reality TV show.


Scary clown jokes aren't funny. I'm terrified of clowns...Okay, maybe they are funny.


I wikipedia'd it. Hodge Podge Lodge ran on PBS in the 70's. Which is probably why I remember it and no one else does. I was a huge nerd as a kid and loved PBS shows.

No. I think crows are fascinating. There are just so many of them and they shit all over and some sidewalks just reek from them.

Booda Baby,

You are so right on about imagining the 17th century peasant thing this time of year.


I'm sure they're just spazzing out about the warm weather like the rest of us.


I notice that every year too. It's another unpleasant thing about this time of year.