Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cause When You're a Celebrity, It's Adios Reality

Stinky with some of her friends when she was in grade school. This was the same year Sally Field's granddaughter went there.

Okay. I'm going to try again to get some sleep tonight. I'm posting something from my old blog again. This one is from November, 2005, and it's one where I do some name dropping. Wheee! Also, I messed around with the color of the text and it won't let me turn it black. Sorry. Here it is:

Since my last blog post, I got on this celebrity kick and so I'll be wearing it all the way out. Because that's what I do. The other day, the girls were watching Mrs. Doubtfire and while I stood there and watched with them for a second on my way to clean the kitchen, I realized that I had met both of the stars of the movie. Now, when I say met them, what I really mean is that I was in the same room with them and if they didn't speak directly to me, they at least spoke in my general direction or to someone else I knew. Close enough.

It's amusing to make connections between myself and people I see on TV.
I love the idea of famous people. They never seem real. Which is why it is so much fun to talk about them. I like to make sweeping generalizations about them - really, about everyone and everything. I like to say things like, celebrities are just like us but they're shallower (my dictionary tells me this is more correct than saying, "more shallow" even though it looks awkward). Or, famous people are just like us but they're Scientologists. There is so much shit you can talk about celebrities. I don't even think celebrities think of themselves as real people and that's why they do such stupid things. That could be one of the reasons it is so weird to see a famous person in the flesh. They become real and it's not as easy to make sweeping generalizations about them. They also look different without all that make-up and kind lighting.

I met Robin Williams when I waited on him at the Courtyard Cafe on 24th St in San Francisco in 1986. He only had one son then and he was with 2 women. I think one was his ex-wife (his current wife at the time) and the other one could have been his nanny who turned into his next wife. She may have been someone totally different than that, but it's more fun to speculate and create fun fiction that you pass off as reality whenever you can. It could have been true. You never know.

All the other waiters kept asking me if I said anything funny to him. What did they expect me to do? Go up and say, "Hey, a funny thing happened to me on the way to the table...", or reprise my lame-ass Mork impersonation from junior high? Honestly, I think the last thing he would want is for some bonehead to come over and try their shtick on him while he ate in order to get discovered. So, I kept it low key and did my job and he was the perfect customer. He was pleasant, kind and he tipped well. I judged everyone back then by what kind of a customer they were, so to me, he was also a good person.

I met Sally Field two years ago at International night at my daughters' grade school. Her son Peter had been in the workshop in the early 90's and like many workshop alum, he moved away and then came back. His daughter was in kindergartern at Horace Mann and Sally was visiting during the event. She was very gracious and everyone was talking about it, but very few people came over and bothered her. At one point, my daughter and her friend were walking toward her and being all squirrelly about her being there but too shy to say anything directly to her and Sally (we're on a first name basis now) laughed and said, "Hello girls," and I think they both actually squealed. At this point in my life, I judge people by how nice they are to my girls and that's why I think Sally Field is a good person.

The thing about celebrities, is that they are like us but smaller. Both Sally Field and Robin Williams were about 4 feet tall close up. Sally was so tiny, I could have scooped her up in my arms and cradled her like a baby if I had wanted to. Obviously, I didn't want to. Even I'm not that fucked up.

Now, I think that may be just enough name dropping for one post. Come back tomorrow when I'm sure I'll drop some more. Because celebrities are just like us, only more interesting.


Remiman said...

I've always liked Sally Fields.

Pamela said...

I'm sure Sally would have loved it if you rocked her in your arms.

DJSassafrass said...

You know Sally Field is okay because hse went out with the Bandit!
Colin has a crush on her--like seriously, it's kind of weird that those boniva commercials turn him on!

laura b. said...

That is a hilarious post. I live near L.A. yet I never meet celebrities. How is this possible? I must not travel in the right circles.

dmarks said...

"Both Sally Fields and Robin Williams were about 4 feet tall close up"

What is there with that? I saw Ernest Borgnine a few years ago, and he was like a tiny gnome.

I think Sally Field is tiny and lightweight in order to be able to fly by just wearing a funny nun-hat. Any bigger, and it would not work.

Enough about Sally Field's son Peter. I want to hear more about her son Forrest.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Celebrities are more interesting cause they do all that stupid I know what you mean though about generalizing them as real but not real.. good post BTW..

another good thing said...

I am the same way. I like to gawk, but don't approach thinking, hey they are just people who have a different job but do the same boring things I do.. and they might appreciate me more if I just leave them the hell alone. Of course, I had to love when I met Sigourney Weaver this summer and she puts out her hand and says, "Hi. Linda, I'm Sigourney."

Now I twitter with celebrities- like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher and Neil Gaiman... techo-gawking.

Johnny Yen said...

The first celebrity I met was Robert Redford. He came through my line when I was a cashier at the Walgreen's in Western Springs, Illinois in 1980. And as you say, he was tiny; I thought it was a short guy who looked like Robert Redford. I didn't figure out it was him until after "Ordinary People" came out-- it was filmed around Chicago and the suburbs.

Johnny Yen said...

John Cusack is taller than he looks, by the way

dmarks said...

Bruce Willis is a little gnome too.

Dexter said...

I know it was a small town...but I remember running into Robin Williams in SF at the 7-11 on corner of Geary and 15th(?) or that vicinity...I think this was right before he left his wife for the English nanny. The English nanny bar, Nags Head, was down the street about three blocks.

Anonymous said...

I too worked at the Courtyard Cafe in 1986. Tonight, I was wondering whatever became of Davoud, Gila and Alireza, Googled around a bit, and voila! -found your blog.

-- Robert