Thursday, February 05, 2009

I Got a Parachute to Land On You

Here is a rock announcing the Centennial in the town of Hills, Ia.

Well, kids. It seems as if I'm doing a hundred times better tonight. I still can't breathe properly and my ears are bugging me, but I've been able to sit-up successfully for most of the day. Soooo, anything interesting happen all week besides Lux Interior of The Cramps dying? All the cool kids on Facebook have been bemoaning his death on their status updates, which is how I found that out. One of my friends even said he accidently put his hand in Lux's puke a long time ago. I wish I could claim that kind of punk rock cred...Or maybe I don't, really.

Anyway, I'm feeling better and now I have to be careful that I don't start running around literally and figuratively all over the place again. I would really hate for this thing to reoccur.

Since it's February and we're being inundated with all that lovey-dovey Hallmark crap, I thought I might try to write out a thing or two I like about being single, when I think of it. This week's is that I'm glad I'm single when I'm sick. I hate having to be around other people when I don't feel well. Sure, my girls were around here and there in the evenings, but that's different. I just don't like being all gross and contagious and snotty around other people. I also get really internal when I don't feel well. It's much better when I can spend the day in my head or watching movies, and not feel like I have to explain myself or entertain anyone else when I'm not up for it.

Here are some store fronts in Hills, Ia.

Now, I guess it's the weekend. Originally, I was going to try to see some White guy rappers at the Picador. No, these are good White guy rappers. They aren't those ridiculous wanna be street guys. Both Shaffer the Darklord and Coolzey are performing at the Picador on Friday night and their rhymes are funny, smart and sometimes even charmingly self-depracating. Just what you want in your White guy rapper. I doubt I'll be able to make it now, since I'm not 100 percent better, and I do have the girls, but I hope tons of other people get out and see them.

My friend G. was IM'ing me on Facebook tonight and told me that a bunch of folks were going out for our friend D.'s birthday. I told her to text me if they made it to the bar they were going to, before 10 when I have to pick my girls up at the basketball game they're going to. I might be able to join them for a drive-by drink early. Other than that, I don't have many other plans. I'm going to try to lie low and hopefully get a run or two in during the warm-up that's supposed to happen this weekend.

Oh, one more thing. I think I get a new phone later this month. My company is Verizon and I was thinking about getting a Blackberry. Does anyone have anything to say good or bad about Blackberries? If you can, let me know what kind of Blackberry you have too. Thanks, in advance.


Remiman said...

When my contract with Verizon runs out next year I'll be sure to get a blackberry or an I-Phone. They are essential for a guy on the road but fun even if you're not. My friends and 2 of my kids have them and love them.

My weekend will be spent in a motel or an OR, depending....On-call.

dmarks said...

I have a Blackberry that sits there collecting dust: it would cost me probably twice as much as I am paying now to get a phone plan that would take advantage of it.

Brando said...

I know someone who's a big fan of the Blackberry. Maybe you've heard of him...PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA?

I considered getting one when my new phone thing came up, but I didn't see the need to pay $30 a month for Web access when I work at home. So I got the EnV2 instead, with the text keyboard that flips up. I'm pretty happy with it and I got used to the keyboard really quickly.

NoRegrets said...

Speaking of vomit, this morning I was unhappy that I tend to notice things. Someone had projectile vomited onto a bus stop shelter. woo hoo...

Glad you feel better.

Nate said...

I feel mislead. This blog entry needs more parachutes!

DJSassafrass said...

Colin has a Verizon blackberry--not sure what model...I think it completes him. It's through work-I looked into and denied myself due to the fact that they wanted me to pay $600. We all know I don't need to pay $600 for a gadget to be cool! (I'm still jealous of his though--texting witout a keyboard phone blows)

Churlita said...


I was thinking how great it would have been to have a phone with internet when we were on our roadtrip. I don't think I'd pay to have it all the time, but I'd like to have that option, which is why I was think Blackberry.


I can get a Blackberry for free when my contract runs out at the end of Feb. Which was another reason why I was thinking about one.


That name sounds a little familiar, but I can't place him from this rock I'm living under.

My daughters have those. I got two of them for $3.53. Nice.


That's so rude. they could have had the decency to puke outside the bus shelter.


I'm sorry. Their lyrics from a Cramps song. In honor of Lux interior's death.


$600? That's crazy. I can get a free one with a renewed plan.

MrManuel said...

The Cramps? Nevere heard of them. I have thankfully avoided this craziness on Facebbok if it is all over.

No Blackberry for me..

dmarks said...

@brando: "I know someone who's a big fan of the Blackberry. Maybe you've heard of him...PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA?"

Some call the blackberry "crackberry" because it is so addictive. From the news reports, it appears that Pres. Obama is having a tougher time with the idea of not having a Blackberry as he is over the idea of quitting smoking while in the White House.

laura b. said...

I hope you continue to feel better over the weekend.

I have a 'primitive' Blackberry. It is a Pearl 8100. I don't pay the extra $25 per month for internet access, since I am online enough at work and home. It suits me just fine.

Gordon said...

I have the Blackberry 8310 (AT&T). It's useful for looking at my Gmail during the day, sometimes; if I'm bored someplace I can search the web, although that's fairly slow. I did have AT&T Navigator for a while, and that was useful, though it cost $10 a month. I got a good deal on a GPS unit, so I ended the phone version.

Is it worth the $30/month for the service? I still haven't made up my mind on that.

If I had my choice now, I'd go with an iPhone, I think.