Monday, February 23, 2009

But These Are The People That We Call Friends

Okay, kids. This weekend was just crazy and busy and full of stuff. It was all good, but I do wish I had a day to recoup before I went back to work. Since it's so late, I'm just going to talk about Saturday night and get around to the rest of the weekend in the next day or two.

Originally, I was just going to get some sushi and wine and hang out by myself and watch movies and/or play video games. I haven't had one drink of an alcoholic beverage in over three weeks, so I thought it might be something fun and different to do. Then I got a call from my friend G. telling me she and D. and our friend Shecky were all going out. I decided it was time to break my hibernation and actually leave my house on a weekend night and have some fun. And boy howdy, did I ever.

All the Dublin regulars greeted my triumphant return to the bar for the first time this month, by showing how much they cared. In the above photo, you can see the guys making faces behind me while I spoke.

And here, another regular tried to bite my head off. See how innocent and unaware I am of the whole thing?

My favorite bartender even got into the Churlita appreciation evening by sticking a hook in his nose when I took his picture. Pretty.

I suppose when you're wearing a George Carlin t-shirt, you can channel him a little and really flip me the bird with feeling.

And not to be outdone, Dexter from Degrees of Gray blog, used his most expressive finger to point out the writing on the back of the t-shirt for me. Thanks, Dex.

Okay, that was fun. I might have to go out more often, what with all the love I'm shown when I do.

Oh, and yeah. How was your weekend? Did people show you enough love too?


NoRegrets said...

Yes... ;-)

laura b. said...

You have your own little Cheers thing going on...where everyone knows your name :-)
I have a theory about why men like to give the finger in photos. It has to do with finding a less inappropriate object to flash than what they really want to flash. What do you think?

Churlita said...


It was fun to go out, it just takes a lot of time. I'm always glad when I can make myself leave the house, though.


I totally agree. I also think part of it is that they're uncomfortable having their picture taken. It's the equivalent of the weird smirking they do when they kids.

Churlita said...


Also. I keep trying to go to your blog, but it's blank. IS that my computer, or is it supposed to be blank?

movin' down the road said...

I want that shirt

Tera said...

Those pictures...hilariousness!

Anonymous said...

I didn't do much over the weekend. Saturday evening, my dad came over to shoot some pool in the basement and I went to mom's for dinner on Sunday.