Monday, February 23, 2009

You Was There When the Money Was Gone, You'll be There When the Money Comes

Here is some drank carnage from Saturday night.

Let's see...I was going to talk a little more about my weekend. Well, it started off with a bang, when I saw that I got my income tax refund. Yea, me! Most of the money is going to pay off bills and a credit card and the rest of Coadster's Spring Break choir trip to NYC. (she's already paid almost half) We do get to spend a little on fun stuff, however. Since you all know I like dates, the girls and I went on one on Friday night. We had dinner at the Blue Bird Diner. If you are an Iowa City ex-pat, it's located where Gilpin Paint Store used to be, across the street from The Foxhead. I have heard mixed reviews about it, but we really liked the food and the ambiance. It's a little pricey for us po' people, so we couldn't go there all that often, but it was great for a special occasion. I got a Reuben, and it was the first good Reuben I think I've ever had in Iowa City. Stinky almost always orders a bacon cheeseburger whenever we go out to eat. She said she thought the Diner's burger was one of the best she's ever had. They just happened to have shrimp scampi over angelhair pasta as a special, which is about Coadster's favorite food ever in the world, so she was happy. All in all, I'd say it was a fine dining experience.

After dinner, we headed over to Gordman's to get the girls some clothes. A while back, I figured the best way to go clothes shopping with the girls, was to tell them how much money they had to spend, and let them budget what they could get with it. It works for me, because I don't have to spend the entire shopping trip telling them that I can't afford whatever it is they want. Now THEY can't afford whatever it is they want. They get to be their own bad guys. It's also good for them, because it teaches them how to get creative about how to make what they want, jive with what they can afford. It's a valuable skill, I think.

We got home around nine, and my friend G. called me to tell me some friends were going out. The girls and I were all exhausted, and I was going to have to get Coadster to the show choir bus by 7 am, so I lamed-out and stayed home. Both of the girls went to bed, and I stayed up to watch a few of the newest episodes of Weeds. It was a perfect Friday night.


Mr Atrocity said...

Sounds like a good date. The food sounds great. A good burger with bacon is a very special thing indeed. A good weekend all in all eh Churlita?

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

It was a nice way to spend time with the girls.. They grow up so fast..

Minyo said...

The restaurant sounds like a great place. Shopping with a budget is a great lesson to teach and you avoid that whole "bad guy" syndrome. We did something similar on Saturday at Target. Neither kid had much money, but they were each able to find something they really liked and accepted they couldn't get something more pricey that each really liked. Those lessons take some time, but they're well worth it.

DJSassafrass said...

I miss watching Weeds--we had rented all the seasons and are just waiting for the next one to come out--I want to say we are waiting on the 4th? I asked B-rad to DVR them for me. How's that for a favor? haha...I figured he might like it too...I mean, MLP is a total MILF.

Tara said...

Gotta love a well made cheeseburger with bacon on it. For the longest time whenever I'd go out with family or friends I would order chicken fingers. They still sound like a good deal to me sometimes.

Susan said...

People called me on both Friday and Saturday to go out. I turned down both because of this feeling of dragginess I was suffering from. I am now continually hearing what a good time I missed from all of them.

movin' down the road said...

when I was young, my mom would put $25 a month in an envelope for us for clothes. we had to budget it and buy what we needed or wanted at our own discretion. "Clothing allowance" we called it. A good idea.

I wish I had a tax refund this year. I won't owe at least.

booda baby said...

That's about THE best shopping lesson. It's one curious thing, to be in a consignment store with teenagers/college girls, accidentally overhearing them (not like you get a choice). I'm always SOOO proud of the girl who has what it takes to say to her friend (clearly shopping on the 'rents credit card): I can't. That's not in my budget. I have to decide.

Seriously, I'm always so tempted to jump out - BOO! - and tell them they've got one bad ass skill there.

Tera said...

Man Churlita that was AWESOME! Wasn't it nice just to treat yourself? I too lamed out on Saturday night festivities and went to bed in preparation for church.

Remiman said...

You are so cool!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that the three of you all have great taste in food. I'm still on the search for the best Reuben in Cleveland. I love a good bacon burger, though cheese is optional. Shrimp scampi over angel hair gives me an idea for dinner tomorrow. It sounds like a good night out.

laura b. said...

It's nice that you guys were able to treat yourselves after taking care of essentials.
I love that kind of date angst :-)

Churlita said...

Mr Atrocity,

Definitely a great weekend and a nice mix of family and friends.


I know. It's so scary how few years I have left with them.


That's great. I think it also gives them the power to make the decisions and my girls seem to like that too.


Yup. I just finished watching the 4th season and it was crazy. Definitely have FMDM record it for you so we can talk about it.


Stinky's 2nd favorite thing is chicken fingers.


Yeah, I get that too sometimes, and I feel bad for missing out, but I would have felt worse, had I gone out when I really needed to stay home and chill.


That sounds like a great idea. If we could all get used to budgeting, we'd probably all be better for it.

Booda Baby,

It's weird to me that kids don't know how to do without anymore. It seems like they all expect to get what they want. I tell ya. Kids these days...


It was. When I was younger and so poor, anything extra we did,my mom called splurging and it felt so bad and fun, even though we never spent very much.




It was very festive and fun. I can't always give my girls what a lot of the other kids have, but that just makes it more fun when I can get them stuff.