Saturday, February 07, 2009

You Can Go With This, Or You Can Go With That

Here are my girls at Mt Rushmore in front of some mountain goats that just happened by.

Today's Saturday Scavenger Hunt word was chosen by K_Sara. Her word was options. Since we finally got a couple days of February thaw. I thought I'd put some photos up of one of our Summer vacations. It wasn't just warm in South Dakota, that year, it was hot.

I wanted to take a family fun vacation for my 40th birthday. We had a few options, but the best choice, for my daughters' ages at the time, seemed to be South Dakota.

The girls in front of the jelly fish tube at the Omaha Zoo.

We also had a few options of where to go and what to do on our trip. In the end, we chose to head to Omaha first and check out the zoo. It came highly recommended and it didn't disappoint.

Here is Stinky emerging from a tee pee at Wall Drug. My girls loved Wall Drug so much, that we had to go back for seconds on the way home.

We drove the next day to Wall drug and the Badlands. Then finally made it to our cabin in Custer State Park. We stayed there for a week and had a great time.

Me and Coadster in the Badlands.

Considering all of the other options, South Dakota was by far the best choice. I love having Summer vacation options. If I had the money, I'd go somewhere different every year.


Remiman said...

Summer vacations; a chance to fulfill dreams.

Tera said...

Churlita you guys always visit the most awesome places! I love it!

It was quite nice to return to KY from NC this weekend and see that we're all thawed out :)

laura b. said...

I might want to go just because I love the name of the region...Badlands.

And I agree, if it were an option, I'd go somewhere new every year. It's not.

NoRegrets said...

Oops, just saw this. Nice photos!