Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You're Always Dancing Down the Street

I think this is the back of the Biology Building.

Hey, today was a good day and let me tell you why:

1.) The weather was amazing. It got into the 50's. I ran in shorts. I'm positive it will snow again this year, but I doubt we'll have to experience 20 below zero temps for the rest of the season. We are dangerously close to Spring and not a minute too soon.

2.) Along the same lines, I just got my gas and electric bill and it was $70 cheaper than last month. Just think of all the things I could do with 70 dollars.

3.) I went to supper club for the first time in a hundred million years and it was so fun. We talked a lot about movies and I got some great suggestions for films I apparently HAVE to see. The best thing was, that one of the couples who attend aren't able to have children, and decided to be foster parents for a while. Well, they were actually able to adopt a newborn they were fostering. She's is absolutely gorgeous and they are amazing parents. I almost got a little teary seeing their new family.

4.) After supper club, I met my friend S. at George's. A few years back, a guy we knew sold his life over the internet and wrote a book about it. Part of what he sold were experiences. At one point, he wanted to sell the experience of drinking a beer and eating a cheeseburger at George's with my friend S., but ebay won't let you sell people, so they had to nix that. I'm the lucky girl who got to drink a beer at George's with my friend S. while she ate a cheeseburger without having to bid on her. We had a great talk and laughed a lot.

5.) My iPod was so good to me on my run today. Here is what I can remember of the songs it played:

a) "My Best Friend's Girlfriend" - The Cars
b) "Yellow Moon" - The Neville Brothers
c) an East Indian song who's name I can't remember, but it's great to run to.
d) "Pressure Drop" - Toots and the Maytals
e) "Roll With Me Henry" - Etta James
f) "The Theme from Sanford and Son" - Quincy Jones
g) "Rock and Roll" - The Velvet Underground
h) "Magic Man" - Heart

Now, off to bed with me.


Dana said...

Re: #3, aaaaaaw.

Re: #4. I don't really get it. How do you sell your life over the internet?

Remiman said...

To bed?
I skipped thet part last night; stying up to finish a novel.
I'll pay the price this afternoon!
Off to do my run.

Susan said...

Sounds like an amazing day!

DJSassafrass said...

I love your random IC pics.

Pamela said...

Glad you had a good day.

laura b. said...

Sounds like a good day to me too! I didn't have lunch today and now the thought of a cheeseburger is totally torturing me. haha!

booda baby said...

Yah, I get it. I'm a day behind, but it was such a goood day that I think it was going to last longer anyway. Lucky me for catching it.

Tera said...

Churlita, number 2 is soooo good in so many ways.

And so is the thought of hearing the Sanford and Son theme music...YESSS!

Churlita said...


His original goal was to get on NPR, which he did. He tagged everything he owned and sold it on ebay. Then he went and visited the people who bought his stuff and wrote a book about it.


I hate it when I do it. I know I'm going to be screwed, but I get obsessed with finishing my book. How are you doing now?


It was pretty great.


Thanks. I need to take some more.




Sorry. Go eat some lunch, girl.

Booda Baby,

Thanks for stretching it out for me.


I love Quincy Jones. He did the Ironside theme song and that rocks too.