Sunday, February 08, 2009

Now I Don't Mean to Make You Frown. No, I Just Want You to Slow Down.

Here is a sign very close to my place of employment. Just a reminder.

This weekend was my relax and recuperate time. Originally, I was thinking about going out for a little minute on Friday night. When I got home from work, Coadster told me she was exhausted and had a headache and decided she didn't want to go to the basketball game after all. Stinky went with a friend, but I told Coadster we could just have a girl night.

What that meant, was that I made a nutritious dinner of nachos and salsa and guacamole. Hey, don't look at me like that. There's cheese, which is protein and dairy, avocado is a fruit, right? And then there's the fried and salted corn, which I believe is its own deliciously wonderful food group. Mmmmm. We watched The Secret Life of Bees and actually left the house for a few minutes to head to Dairy Queen for Mocha Moooo Lattes. So, basically. It was a perfect evening.

I woke up early (for me) the next day to take care of business. The girls and I went to Bruegger's for bagels and then to the post office to purchace Edgar Allen Poe stamps, because we are that fucking committed to promoting literature. Then we headed to Jiffy Lube for car maintenance.

Since Stinky had to go to her baskteball game that she still can't play in because of her broken finger, I decided to have a date with Coadster. She really wanted to see the movie, The Reader. It was pretty good, I have to say. I thought all the acting was amazing.

It was really warm here on Saturday. Though I should have waited, I still tried to run. I was only going to do my three mile route, and I wasn't strong enough to even finish that. I got about 2 and half miles before I had to stop and walk. I was so wiped-out afterward that I even had to take a little nap. I took today off, but I might try again tomorrow.

Sunday has been mellow as well. The play my ex-husband is directing went up this weekend, so the girls went to see it. Then Stinky had religious education classes for her confirmation this evening. They did readings on the saints, and Stinky's reaction was the same as Coadster's had been. Basically, it sucks to be a saint. I knew there was a reason I didn't even try.


Pamela said...

Hopefully Coadster didn't inherit your headache gene.
And as for saints, well, you are correct. Most of them did not have enough fun.
first comment - woo hoo!

another good thing said...

Martyrdom must wait.

dmarks said...

The saints thing reminds me of the lyrics from Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young"

Tara said...

I should inquire about Edgar Allan Poe stamps here, I'd love some to send out. Maybe I could order them online, too.

laura b. said...

What a wonderful weekend. Delicious snack foods, movie viewing, and even postage stamps.

I'm glad you were able to recuperate a little. Once another week starts, all bets are off...

Mr Atrocity said...

Edgar Allen Poe stamps sounds so cool. We do sometimes get good stamp designs here for special occasions but mostly we just have to put up with the queen looking disapproving at something to the left of the stamp. See what I mean?

By the way, are there any saints who had a reasonable time? It seems to go pretty hard on most of them.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I blogged weak and weary...

OK, no I am not going to write a bastardized version of the Raven as it relates to blogging.

Do you make your own guacamole? If so, can I get the recipe?

booda baby said...

What a great weekend and fine, fine dining. About once a month, that's our favorite meal. Of course, then A. insists on something fancy schmancy the next night. I don't know what my problem is, since he cooks it. OH. NOW I remember. He cooks it. I clean up.

Nachos are easy and breezy. (Well, especially here.) I'm glad your weather's behaving. Maybe I should come back next week. Hm. I was going to come back a couple of weeks ago, but I'm not quite the fool I look like. Subarctic temps?!? That's a no.

Churlita said...


I'm afraid she did. I got them from my mom, so I guess it's genetic.


I don't do martyr well.


Damn. I should have used a quote from that song for my title.


They were the first ones the post office guy showed me. So, I was pretty happy.


You are so right there. I have a choir concert tomorrow and Wednesday night.

Mr Atrocity.

That's funny. CAn;t you at least get Dickens' stamps?


I do make my own. I'm not much for recipes, but basically, it's avocado, salt and lemon juice and then I add de gallo salsa that I make. The de gallo is a mix of tomato, red onion, cilantro, green pepper, jalapenos and lime juice. All finely chopped by hand and all to your taste.

Booda Baby,

Nobody needs to be here during sub-arctic temps. Come in May when it's perfect and all the trees are blooming.

walter said...

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