Monday, November 27, 2006

You Can Plan a Pretty Picnic, but You Can't Predict the Weather

Soooo, how sick are you guys of all the old timey photo posts I've been doing lately? Yeah? Sorry, but I'm just going to have to call too fucking bad, and put up another one. It's only because I have so many pictures and I really have to get cracking on scanning them. Plus, I have no life and my only other option was a post that would have gone something like this:

The weather was unseasonably warm all day. Of course, the minute I got off work, it started raining and I wasn't able to go running. The girls went to their dad's house tonight, so after I finished picking one up from swimming and taking the other to show choir practice, I came home and had popcorn for dinner. I multi-tasked by eating it in the living room while watching Wife Swap and spilling my cherry Coke all over the couch.

Whew, it's a good thing I didn't post that, because letting the whole internets in on my Wife Swap addiction would have been really embarrassing.

Instead, I'm going to post some photos my mom sent her mom for Christmas around 1967 and I'll even add the text for good measure too, since I'm putting you through all this old photo viewing. Hey, at least these are seasonal...

Top photo text: S, Claus and Friend.

Billy was there too but he didn't trust old Santa very much so he stayed with Grandma and Aunt Merrilee. I kept Churlita* at home as I thought it might be just too much for her.

Second photo text: This was taken Christmas Eve at a neighbor of Maxine's.** He has a party for the neighbor children every year with Santa Claus as special guest. That's Jack*** at the left in the background and I think you know the young lady with Mr. Claus.

* See? I've always been easily overwhelmed, it's not just because I'm old.

**Maxine is my paternal grandmother who also lived in Arizona. My maternal grandma lived in Chicago.

*** Jack is my dad's older brother. I'm assuming the elderly couple are the Christmas party throwers.


Remiman said...

your life sounds very normal. I'm not exactly sure if that's a good thing or not. ;-)
The old pics are wonderful memory joggers (pun intended) and can be enjoyed when it's raining.

Glad you noticed my cup on the bookcase. It's a gift from some of the nurses at work.

Anonymous said...

As usual life's unexpected twist and turns will always be there no matter how stable we wish it to be...sometimes when I wish it wouldn't rain but it did and instead of letting the rain messed it all up...I would see it differently when as a kid i love to get myself wet and frolicking in its innocence...

Anonymous said...

It's good to know I'm not the only devotee to Wife Swap.

Churlita said...


It's probably okay that I didn't run last night - I still have that cold. Oh, that was a cup in the shape of a breast? Even better.

Major E Flat,

At least I had an excuse to sit around and watch Wife Swap...I would rather not have spilled my drink, though.


This is the first time I watched it this season - I swear. My daughter had fun teasing me about what a crappy show it is.

Mone said...

What beautiful pictures! I dont have to many old pics anymore, somehow they got lost wandering around...

Churlita said...

As you've probably already noticed, some of mine are pretty damaged from having them for so long and moving so much. I know I've lost a lot along the way, but my dad was a photographer, so I had a lot to begin with too.