Friday, November 17, 2006

My Mind's Distracted and Diffused

Tonight I'm doing another photo post in honor ofBooda Baby. She said she wanted to see pictures of certain Iowa City landmarks. Since I didn't have time to go out and take any this week, I thought I'd dig up some old ones. They aren't all exactly what she suggested, and they're from a time in my life when pretty much every photo I took, included at least one of the girls.

Here is Coady in front of the Black Angel in Oakland Cemetery. When we lived above the Hilltop, we used to pretend that the cemetery was our backyard. Check out our very dramatic lawn ornament.

This is in front of The Hilltop. Booda Baby had mentioned the Deadwood, and eventually I'll take that, but right now you get The Hilltop. When I first came to college, this bar had shuffle board. It was so awesome.

This was taken on the side of Pagliai's Pizza. Coadster wasn't always that thrilled to get her picture taken, but Stinky made up for it by mugging for every shot.

Here is a picture of Stinky in front of the fountain by the Union. Booda Baby did mention the IMU, so at least I got that part right.

This post is pretty thrown together, but I'm going out to drink beer with friends in just a little bit and this way you will all be saved the obnoxious, drunken blog post I would surely have written if I waited until after I came home. You can thank me later.


booda baby said...

One billion thanks!!! They're wonderful, perfect pictures, so I'm reallly glad you were driven to go cocktailing.

It's always been tempting to envy anyone from the eccentric, supple South. It's nearly cheating, to get born into all that thick atmosphere - but then there's Iowa City. The Black Angel vs. little gnomes and plaster bunnies? Pft.

And look at that Hilltop! (ay! Shuffleboard. One of my best/worst/longest love affairs was launched in that joint over that game. And a lot of beer. What a recipe.)

Your girls look like they're cooking up all some plans. Some of the best ambitions are launched from the porch of an intimate little road-side bar (it's not, but if feels like it, doesn't it?) - pleeeease, where else are you going to get that much material to work with?


Churlita said...

Hey, no problem and I will stiil take some more recent shots too.

That one of the girls kind of looks like the girls are all depressed and bored waiting for their parents to quit drinking and leave the bar.

And I think the Black Angel is just overly dramatic enough.

booda baby said...

Yah. Exactly! It's like a still from a movie. Only not one of those god-the-Depression was so depressing flicks, even though it was, but one of those Dorothy Parker had to come from somewhere-why not Iowa stories.

Churlita said...

Oh, I love Dorothy Parker!