Monday, November 20, 2006

All the Crazy People Couldn't Hold a Candle to You

Apparently, I'm not finished wowing you with Fall foliage shots.

I am doing a meme suggested at Jane's blog. I'm supposed to tell you five things you don't already know about me, but since I divulge about 9,000 things about myself to you everyday, I'm changing it to five things you may or may not already know about me. (and nowhere in the rules does it talk about whether you have to care about any of these things, so don't feel any pressure)

1.) When I get all excited, I make the rock/Texas Longhorns hands. It has been kind of embarrassing in the past when I've done it in front of people I don't know very well. I did it at the Mill during Ondine's going away party and one of her friends asked, "Did you just make rock hands?" Uh, why yes I did. How do you explain that uncontrolled action to someone you don't know very well?

2.) I don't like mushrooms. I may have briefly mentioned that I don't like foods that taste like dirt and I've even gone so far as to classify these foods into subspecies. (ie spicy foods that taste like dirt - radishes and nutty foods that taste like dirt - hazelnuts) Of course, mushrooms would fall into the category of slimy foods that taste like dirt.

3.) Behind my cold, wanna-be bad-ass, aging punk rock exterior, I cry easily. This is not surprising to my family members, but apparently friends and co-workers find it odd. Once I related a story to a co-worker about a time when I was driving in the snow on a country road and slid into a ditch. When I mentioned that, even though I wasn't hurt, I still cried like a baby afterwards, the woman I was telling said, "Oh, I can't imagine you ever crying." I really wanted to call my sister and make the woman repeat what she said over the phone as proof, but there was no time for that at work.

4.) I can be very girly about certain things. Namely, I love hot bubble baths and lotions and candles. If I can get all the various item's stink to match, it makes me very happy.

5.) Of course, I will never be famous myself, but I have waited on many famous people and that makes me super cool, right? Here is a list of celebrities I have served: Robin Williams, Punky Brewster, Bert Parks, Marilynne Robinson, Jorie Graham, the band Berlin (guess which year in the eighties that was?), Jan Michael Vincent, Vanna White, members of the band Luna, Cheech Marin, Alice Walker's daughter, and I made Husker Du's meal one night at The Mill.


Remiman said...

Sorry to say, I don't Know the rock/Texas Longhorns hands.
Some dirt foods improve with rinsing.... Not mushrooms though ;-)
Everybody cries. Some won't admit it.
I'm glad to know you are girly. You certainly look like a girl;))
Ok, so you know 12 more famous people than I do. I've met you on-line..does that count?

Anonymous said...

Rock hands rock!

akelly said...

You mean theres something weird about rock/longhorn hands? You could move to Texas - people make the rock/longhorn hands at all times in all places - grocery store in the vegtable aisle, getting gas, sitting outside -
funny thing all those things are true about me too except of course the longhorn hands, dirt foods, famous people waited on .... Go Horns!

Churlita said...


That's okay. It's a good thing that you don't know how to make the rock hands. It makes social situations much easier if you aren't always flashing them.


I know, right?


I think the only place I would feel comfortable in Texas is Austin and I'm assuming that's where most of the Longhorn hands are made.

You've waited on famous people too haven't you? Was that you who waited on Robert Palmer at Aoeshe? And your bad food is tomatoes if I remember correctly - whichyou're right, doesn't taste like dirt at all.

Anonymous said...

i am jealous of the Husker Du encounter!
I was under the impression that the Hook em horns sign is slightly different from the rock/devils horns sign, as it uses thumb and pinky fingers extended with the other three folded in and is usually given a waggle...where as rock would be the index finger and and pinky extended with the thumb holding down the inner digits. I may be thinking about this too much but its all for the kids.

Anonymous said...

I guess you do not like sprouts. I had a gfriend who hated them b/c they tasted like dirt (although she liked mushrooms).

I sometimes let "bad-ass" slip.

Churlita said...

Husker Du came to town in December of 1984 and played at this guy Robot's studio above the Soap Opera. They ate at The Mill beforehand. I had more fun at the show than I did cooking their food.

Don't waste your time going into great detail about the rock hands. When make them i'm usually drunk and/or stupid and all the particulars are lost on me anyway.


The funny thing is that I do like sprouts. They don't create that loamy weird feeling in the back of my throat like certain other foods.

broinlaw said...

Hey Churly,
Thanks for not making the co-worker call your sister about the crying thing... she probably wasn't home at the time and I would have been at a serious disadvantage in that conversation.

Imagine T. on the phone saying, "Uh...yeah...I suppose, you know, that, uh... maybe she might, uh... not that I really know, but, uh... well she, she, yeah kinda might be emotional, you know, but I'm not, uh... all that sure...but...uh...who is this again???


P.S. I'll bring the mushrooms Thursday.

Churlita said...

Ha ha. I can't wait to eat the mushroom casserole with radish juice.

julie in l.a. said...

Ha! I loved reading this blog...brought back memories of when I sold a pair of boots to Jorie Graham at Lorenz Boot Shop when I worked there. Is that place still there?? Anyways, I thought the boots looked like a sheep's leg. Now, people call them Uggs. Also, I sold a bottle of Chanel No. 5 to Kurt Vonnegut once at Sycamore Mall. My dumb-ass co-worker said, "Hey, isn't that the guy from the Mastercard commercial?" Duh. Sometime I'll tell you about selling eye cream to Tommy Lee. :)

Churlita said...

Lorenz is still here. Did you work there when it caught on fire? There was about $20,000 worth of damage and our big joke was, "So, was that two pair of shoes, or three?"

I totally want to hear about Tommy Lee and the eye cream.