Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Have to Celebrate You Baby. I Have to Praise You Like I Should.

Today I'm participating in a promotion hosted by Neil at Citizen of the Month. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, he has suggested we thank the first person who ever commented on our blogs. My very first post was just this picture and no text. Oh, how sweet and quiet those old posts were...Yeah, well don't start expecting that again. Churlita has found her voice and in keeping with the name, it is loud and boorish and inappropriate.

I originally posted this photo to see how it worked and because it was the only recent picture of all three of us at the time. It was from my fortieth birthday trip to the Black Hills in the summer of 2005. My friend K. wrote the first comment and it went like this,

"ya keep feedin' 'em, that's why them asses keep wrappin' themselves around ya...........hahahahaha. wait, that kinda makes me an ass." She so kindly flipped me shit on my blog for the first time because I used to bring her and her boyfriend all the leftovers from my house. I quickly received an e-mail from a male friend whose first name also begins with a K. assuring me that he wasn't the one who left that pervy comment. So, I got the double bonus of a comment which led to an e-mail. And goddamnit, I appreciated them both.

So, thanks to all the people who have been kind enough to comment since then. If I forget to tell you, just know that all your anecdotes, words of encouragement and smart-ass razzings are greatly appreciated.


Remiman said...

Nice ass.
Happy first commenter day.

Neil said...

For some reason, I find that the perfect first comment on a blog.

Anonymous said...

hee haww

Churlita said...


People are always saying that about asses that aren't mine.


I thought it was particularly fitting for my blog.


The picture does have that Pinocchio feel to it, doesn't it?

the other K. said...

Glad I could be part of your first post, even if it was just a paranoid overreaction. Thanks for the mention.

Churlita said...

I don't know how paranoid that reaction was. I would worry if I thought there was cause for someone to think I wrote something kind of creepy. And you're welcome.