Thursday, November 02, 2006

I Believe We Can Reach the Morning Light

I had a nightmare last night - a bad one. There was some crazy woman with super-natural powers who kept attacking me. I would fight her off and think she was gone and then she would come back to life from inannimate objects, like a hooded sweatshirt hanging on a chair. At one point in the dream, I saw a guy I work with through some French doors that don't normally exist in my house and I tried to scream, but the scary woman used her powers to stifle me, blind me and pull me back all at the same time. I fought her off again and then opened the door to my house to leave, only to find her standing there, blocking my way. That was when I woke up.

After I was awake, I thought I saw some lights flashing through my blinds. I pulled them back to see if there was a firetruck or an ambulance, but the alley was empty. I then realized that my eyes were causing the flashing sensation, which meant I was getting a migraine. It was three a.m. and I was still really freaked out from the dream. The girls were at their dad's house, so at least I didn't have to worry about them, but the scary woman could still materialize out of the laundry hamper or the computer moniter, so I turned on almost all the lights in my apartment.

I took my migraine pill and tried to go back to sleep. Because I'm a big fat baby, I left the light in the laundry room on all night. You can all thank me for single-handedly fucking up the ozone layer. Better yet, thank the scary lady, maybe she can use her powers for good instead of evil for a change and repair it.

I guess I could analyze my dream, but isn't that the psychological equivalent of asking people if my butt looks too big? I'm sure my crazy is sticking out for all to see right now, and I don't need anyone to describe to me what form it's taking, thank you.

The biggest consequence of my nightmare, was how much it fucked me up today. I didn't get much rest last night, so at work, I had to keep myself from falling asleep by chain-eating "fun sized" Butterfingers and thinking about Emergency! my favorite television show when I was a kid, and most importantly, Ranolph Mantooth:

I took a little nap before Coadster's choir concert tonight, and luckily I sat by my friend Ben during the show. We amused ourselves by exchanging misinterpretations of song lyrics. When they sang a spiritual, what was actually, "We are anchored" sounded like "We are naked" to Ben, and "We are wankered" to me.

Now, I will get ready for bed by putting on some brass knuckles and wrapping num-chuks around my waist, just in case I run into a certain scary bitch who needs a good ass-kicking while I'm sleeping.


Margaret said...

mmmm, Emergency!, my old plan was to marry Nurse Dixie and Dr. John, but as I matured, it became clear that a plural marriage involving ficticious characters wasn't my personal legend...

migrains suck!

Churlita said...

Yeah, wait until you're highly medicated and in a nursing home for that fantasy to take hold of your waking life.

Speaking of meds, I finally got on them for my migraines and they have made a world of difference. Instead of losing 3 days to that pain, I only lose a couple of hours waiting for that to take effect.

Margaret said...

so much to look forward to

dolittle said...

I too loved Emergency and very few people in my world seem to have any recollection of it. I wanted to marry Mr.Mantooth - I loved him v.much. Speaking of old shows does

"Lance Link.... Secret Chimp" mean anything to you?

Churlita said...


I know. I can't wait to get old enough where I can get away with anything.


You couldn't have married him, because he was MY imagingary husband.

Oh yeah, Lance Link on Saturday mornings. What was it with the sevenites and the love of simians? Remember BJ and the Bear?

Anonymous said...

Kevin Tighe? is that right...the partner on Emergency who then went on to plat some really evil bastards in movies like Matewan. Those '70s dramas had some great themess. Maybe because they were all written by Mike Post. except for Hawaii 5-0.... (you know you're humming it now)

booda baby said...

oh no oh no! Migraines. I guess you've tried every possible cure/relief in the book, hm? Usually, I'm without even a leeetle useful advice. I couldn't even read Our Bodies, Our Selves and I subscribe to the school of Wine: Our Friend, Our Deliverance. But I read some thing, somewhere, recently about migraines -

well, that was helpful, wasn't it?

I'm going to try really realllllly hard to remember. Just in case you haven't exhausted every avenue.

Churlita said...


I always thought his name was Mr. Not Randolph Mantooth. I forgot how mean and scary he got in his later movies. He was really good at that.

I know this is going to sound sad, but I love Mike Post music. He and Quincy Jones were the best TV theme song writers ever. I have the theme to The Rockford Files in my computer right now...Oh, James Garner is another TV hearthrob from the 70's.


I've had them since I was 10 and I finally decided to get aggressive about treating them last year. The meds I have don't prevent them, but they get rid of them once they start. I'm totally in love with my migraine meds and I don't care who knows it. Tom Cruise can judge me all he wants.

Anonymous said...

I have Rockford Files theme on and off since first cell phone. And yes, I realize how that sounds. Ugh.

Churlita said...

It sounds great, is how it sounds.