Saturday, November 04, 2006

As Simple as a Kettle, Steady as a Rock

Today I realized that I don't even have one picture of a barn or an outbuilding on this blog yet, so I'm putting this up here, as it has at least two barns and two outbuildings.

Today I went to the Co-op with the express purpose of buying some grated Parmesan cheese. I spent over twenty dollars and still didn't buy the Parmesan. This story I just related right here to you, is exactly why I need to start making lists.

Today I ran my seven mile route. I saw a fuzzy catepillar, a garter snake and possibly the car of the guy I have a crush on drive past me. Nothing helps improve your form like thinking your crush might be watching you run.

Today I snapped at my daughter and I don't normally snap. It stopped us both and we took a minute sizing each other up to figure out how to proceed.

Today my other daughter helped me change my Myspace (it always seems so redundant to write that) background. I've noticed that my attention span is so short, that in order to keep any interest at all in that particular internet site, I have to overhaul it about once a week. I also put my friend Ed's song on, since he's on tour right now.

Today I thought very seriously about finding someone to go out and drink a beer or see a movie with, but then never made the effort. Tonight, while I'm eating Chinese take-out on my couch in my jammies, covered by a gigantic comforter and watching a couple of movies, I am singing the praises of my own indolence.


gareth said...

What two movies?

Churlita said...


Me, You and Everyone We Know and Breakfast On Pluto. I'm not sure if they're really all that good, or if I'm just in the mood to watch movies.

I'm thinking in the next couple of days, it will be time for me to do one of my "over-simplified movie descriptions" posts.

Anonymous said...

For a second i thought you were talking about a jim carrey/farrely brothers movie with the steely dan soundtrack. is that the one with rachel griffith or the Junebug director? How was breakfast on pluto? I liked the book.

Churlita said...

Me and You and Everyone We Know? That's the Miranda July movie.

They were both very different films. I watched Pluto last, so I found it a bit long and I'm not sure if that was real, or if I was just too tired. I liked the concept, and the shots of London in the seventies. There was camp mixed in with all the seriousness.

booda baby said...

1. You, Me, etc. charmed the bejeezus out of me. Kind of Jim Jarmusch with a happy ending.

2. la-la-la. la. la. Just singing along.

Churlita said...

Yes, it was sweet and quirky could be used several times in its description. It almost made me miss L.A. and it takes a lot to do that for me.

Remiman said...

Thanks for reminding me..I'vr got to do 5 miles today!

Churlita said...

I was just pondering which route I should run today, myself. I'm in need of a free high right now.

Margaret said...

Thanks for the barn/outbuilding pics.

Churlita said...

Any time. I got a million of 'em so any time you want to see more, you jsut say the word.