Thursday, April 02, 2015

Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

Stinky is a Cardinals fan and had the cajones to wear her Cards get-up to Wrigley field last year.
When Coadster was in high school, I made a list of all the things I wanted to help her experience before she graduated. I can't remember the whole list, but one of the things was for her to see a Broadway show and another was a road trip  to California. I was able to make those two things happen for her, but I never got her to a Cubs game at Wrigley field.

Fast forward to January of this year, when we were in Austin, Texas. We kept asking Coadster what she wanted for her college graduation present. She finally got it down to two options. She either wanted a stereo with a turntable and components or she wanted a trip to see the Chicago Cubs, with our family at Wrigley Field. She chose the latter and I thought that was great.

Even better? Was that there just happens to be a home game on the weekend of her 23rd birthday against the Pittsburgh Pirates. We got tickets to one of the rooftop seats, where you get unlimited food and drinks. The best part? A good friend of mine's parents own a condo on the Gold Coast, but have retired to another town, and they are letting us stay there for the weekend, and all we have to do is pay the cleaning fee. How great is that?

So, in May, Stinky and her boyfriend, Coadster and her boyfriend and John and I will all head to Chicago, with a cool condo to stay in, a Cubs game to go to and a birthday to celebrate. I love it when everything comes together.

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