Friday, April 24, 2015

Somewhere Impossible Light Still Shines and Every Smile is as if New.

Cat Friday, you say? Well, here's the cat Friday Centerfold. Meeeee-ooooow!

 As I said in previous posts, my week started with a battle of wits between cat and dog...

Okay. On closer inspection, maybe it's more accurate to call it a battle of the witless.

Last night Coadster came back to town. She had an interview for a teaching job at a school about a half hour away from us. If she gets it, she will stay with us during the week and then go back to her place in Des Moines for the weekend. I would love to have her here, but I know she'd rather work in Des Moines and not have to be away from her boyfriend and puppy all week. I'm hoping she gets exactly what she wants...As always.

John and Coadster and I went to Mickey's for dinner. Stinky just started waiting tables there, so we got to sit in her section and harass her. It was great. After dinner, John and Coadster and I wandered into Prairie Lights, where I bought a couple of books and got a free rose with each. How great is that?

I hope you all have a tongue-waggingly good weekend, filled with books and pretty flowers...And lot's and lot's of sassy cats.


A said...

I just finished the Edward Jones book a few weeks ago - good choice

Churlita said...

A, I've heard good things about it. If you haven't read The Good Lord Bird yet, you should I think you would like it.