Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Well It's Not Far Down to Paradise, At Least It's Not for Me

On Sunday the grand puppy was still here to freak the cats out...Until Archie realized that Bailey wasn't a threat in the least and began to stalk her, and made her hide behind John for protection. Poor girl.

This Sunday, I didn't have a migraine when I woke-up. It was a good day. John and I were both pretty sore from the day before, so we decided to just swim laps later in the day, and not try to run or ride.

I also forgot to bring the book I was reading home for the weekend, so I didn't have that distraction either. I decided to finally get some yard work done.

I raked out beds and lopped off all of the scraggly, volunteer, trees and bushes around my house that I've been meaning to trim up for the last few years. Bailey dog kept me company. She doesn't often get to hang out outside, so I thought she'd like it. She just started to get whiny that I wasn't giving her my full attention. Apparently, she fancies herself pretty damn special.

John worked on some of the bikes while I was busy in the yard. He finally changed out my studded tires. I feel like I'm flying to work and back with just knobbies on my commuter bike and without the metal studs. Yea!

I found this growing in my yard. It is Pulmonaria.Since we are in the process of turning our backyard into a shade garden, I will try to get this to take over.
After we finished our chores, we went to the University Rec Services Building to swim laps. They have an incredible  pool there and they just extended the lanes from 25 to 50 meters. I was so exhausted and at one point, I found myself staring down the lane and thinking how damn lucky I was. I had such an amazing weekend and even though I couldn't really do it justice, I have the use of an incredible pool, 6 awesome bikes to ride, tons of great places to run, 2 wonderful daughters to hang out with and one amazing partner to share it all with. Who knows what will happen from day to day, but I always love to stop and recognize just how good I have it.

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