Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yes, It's Summer. My Time of Year.

I know some of you are Fall and Winter people, but I am definitely a Spring and Summer girl. I love warm weather, I love flowers, I don't mind bugs or heat and I love to mow the lawn...Seriously.

I also really, really love plants and flowers.

Yesterday I had to get off early to meet the guy from the city who was supposed to assess our house for tax purposes. Since the weather was supposed to be absolutely perfect (70 degrees, no humidity, gentle breezes), I took another hour or so off, to go for a nice, 6 mile run. As you can see, I was almost dizzy from the flowering tree smells.

I went home from the run, mowed the lawn, cleaned my garden beds, tidied up my house and then gave myself an hour to read my book on the porch. Man, but I could get a lot of stuff done if I could only afford to work part-time...

I think I've told you that John has dinner at his mom's house every Wednesday. Yesterday, I cut a bunch of tulips and lilacs for him to bring to her. They looked and smelled amazing.

Here's to Spring and Summer and reading on the porch and running and flowers, and unicorns and rainbows. I am giddy with all of this bounty.

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