Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wide Awake. I'm Wide Awake. Yeah

Sunday came with better weather. It was a little chilly, but the winds calmed down and the rains made their way somewhere East of us. Bye bye. I did wake-up with a slight migraine, but it wasn't too bad and it was the first one I've had in 2 weeks. So, I couldn't really complain.

Stinky asked me a couple of months ago if I would do the River Run with her. It's an easy 5K run and it would mean not racing the criterium. I hate crits and this is a hilly crit, which sucks even more for me, so I gladly agreed.

Stinky had one of those Winters where she gained more weight then she wanted to. She also was working 3 jobs and had very little time to work-out. She wasn't even sure she could finish a 3.1 mile race. John was sweet enough to come to the race with us and wait for us to finish.

 Stinky did great. I could tell going up the one big hill that she wanted to stop and walk. She started thinking up excuses. She: "My calves are pretty sore..." Me: "They'll be that way." She: I feel like I'm going slow enough to be walking anyway..." Me: But you're passing all of the walkers, so that can't be true." Me: See that? We're almost past the worst of it. As soon as we hit that rise, the very worst part of the race is over and everything will be so much easier. So, is my talking to you helping, hurting or making you want to punch me?" She: "It's helping me...And making me want to punch you a little."

The good news is that Stinky didn't stop to walk even once. She said she knows she would have if I hadn't run with her and talked her out of it. she also beat her goal time of 40 minutes and finished in a time of 33.25. I was one proud, annoying muthah.

I took my migraine meds after I finished the running race and headed home so we could quite literally switch gears and get ready for John's criterium. I think I mentioned yesterday that John was battling for first place for the Omnium. he got 2nd in the road race, 1st in the Time Trial and the criterium would decide the winner of all 3 races for the weekend.

It was great to watch the race. John was strong throughout, but he will tell you, he isn't the strongest sprinter, and ended up getting 3rd in the criterium and 2nd for the Omnium for the 50 + masters men's category. Very impressive.

Some of our friends showed up to cheer John on and after the race, we got to hang out at an outdoor patio and watch the races go by while we ate and drank.

The races ended, John and I went home and this time it was John who fell asleep by 8:30 while we were trying to finish The Big Sleep. I suppose next weekend, we should probably try to watch Wide Awake instead, huh?

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