Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Oh, the Dreadful Wind and Rain.

Sadly, it looks like my weekly migraines are back. At least they're not twice weekly right now, like they've been in the past.

On Sunday I woke up with one. I tried to watch Paris-Roubaix, but the pain in my brain made that impossible. So, I took my migraine meds and went back to bed. The nice thing about bike races is that they last so long, a couple of hours later, and I woke-up and was able to see the finish. It was actually an exciting finish.

After the race was over, John finished working on my road bike. He had to recable it and put on new bar tape. I think I mentioned that the last road race I did in March, I had problems getting into my two lowest gears...Which was really bad with the gigantic hill I had to keep climbing and the leaden legs with which I had to climb it. I did try messing with the barrel adjuster, but John looked at it and said it was way beyond that. So, now my bike has been recabled and I have fresh, brightly colored, handle bar tape on my bike that matches my kit. I'm ready for the my next road race tomorrow...Okay, my bike is ready. I'm not sure I am.

While John was working on my bike, I cleaned the gutters in the back of the house and pruned all of the volunteer trees and bushes along our house and watched the weather sites.

They kept predicting rain with the greatest chances in the afternoon, so we decided to take off around noon and get a little road ride in. Neither of us knew if our legs could handle a ride, but we both wanted to try. Since the winds were strong and gusting from the South, we headed toward Riverside, Iowa. (the future home of James T Kirk) We thought we'd ride to Highway 22, right before you get to Riverside, and then head back. It would be a nice 30 mile bike ride.

It started out just fine. Both John and I were surprised we weren't more sore. then it started to sprinkle, and I thought, "Eh. As long as it isn't really raining..." Then as we went along it started to really rain, and I thought, "Well, as long as the roads aren't super wet and slippery...." Then the roads got super wet and slippery and I finally shut-up, before I made it tornado out.

The few bigger hills, kind of killed my legs, especially since we were going up them in over 20 mph wind gusts and rain. But then at Highway 22, we turned around and man! what a difference. The tailwind was so wonderful and it was still raining, but not hitting me in the face so much and we were practically blown up any hills. Aaaaaahhhhhh!

We got home, muddy, cold, wet and tired....And you guessed it, the rain stopped almost the minute we got to our house and the sun came out. Stupid, dumb, weather. We were actually pretty happy with the ride, no matter what. It's a bike ride, after all. They're all pretty great.

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