Monday, April 20, 2015

Make One Dream Come True. You Only live Twice.

Another weekend, another race. John and I did a very hilly 10K running race on Saturday. It was our 3rd race in a week and our legs were still a little sore from the 25K trail run the weekend before, and I had the worst sunburn I've had in a while. When I did that 50 mile bike ride on Thursday, I forgot to put on sunscreen and I was wearing a bike jersey tank, so my shoulder blades were exposed. My skin was fried. I had a hard time sleeping on Friday night and when I put on my first sports bra Saturday morning, it hurt so bad, I didn't think I'd be able to race. I tried a different style, and that didn't rub my sunburn at all. Whew!

I started out slowly and could feel how tight and sore my quads were. I figured, I'd just do what I could and I watched as many, many people passed me. By the 3rd mile, the endorphins kicked in. I couldn't feel how sore my legs were as much and I started to go a lot harder. I was suddenly passing people and feeling pretty good. By the time I got close to the finish, I didn't  have a lot left and a few people passed me toward the end. John was done long before me and he and Coadster were on the road with the grand puppy. I had to laugh through my pain when John yelled, "Hurry up and finish. Bailey needs petting!" 

I finished with my slowest time ever, but still got 4th in my age group and 60th out of 183 women overall. John didn't feel great or have his best time either, but he was 3rd in his age group category and 22nd out of men overall. Neither of us were particularly pleased with our times, but we both said that the 25K last weekend was more important to us, and we were both pretty happy with how we did in that race. At our ages, we can't expect to rock everything, right?

I was trying to get more of my bike on here, but I ended up cutting both it and my forehead out of the frame.

After our race, we went home and showered and then met Coadster and her boyfriend for lunch. I wasn't super hungry, but I knew I needed to eat...Especially, since John and I were headed to the mountain bike trails after lunch.

I thought my legs would be too tired to ride bikes very well, but I actually rode better and faster than I ever had before. Part of the reason, I think, was because I stopped using clipless pedals and I'm more confident when I don't have to remember to clip-out every time I get stuck. Another part is that I'm getting more familiar with the trails and I know what to expect when I ride. The biggest thing, was that I had a beer before I rode. Holy cow! I was so much more relaxed about things. Let that be a lesson to me!

John riding the rock garden. there might not be enough beer in the world to give me the guts to do that.

After our ride, we went home, showered and chilled-out a little bit before we went out for sushi with Coadster, Stinky and Stinky's boyfriend. While we were eating, a storm rolled in. We got hit with torrential downpours and hail on our way to the car and into our house. It was the perfect night to hang-out with the grand puppy, John and  Coadster and watch a movie while it stormed outside. We watched The Imitation Game. It was really good. So, I did a running race, I got to hang out with my girls, my boyfriend and my grand puppy. I got to ride mountain bikes and eat sushi and watch a good movie during a thunderstorm. All of the bases were covered.I can't think of much else that would make the day any more perfect.


rel said...

The steepness of those mountain bike trails is impressive; daunting to me. ;)
I did a ten mile training run last Saturday, after having done a 12 miler the Saturday before. (My training program's choice)
The first 5 miles I felt like Frank Shorter. The second 5 I felt like I was running through lava.

bribikes said...

Haha, that is a great motivational phrase, I would run faster to pet any dog ;)

Churlita said...

Rel, Ha ha. Keep it up. It sounds like you'll be ready for your marathon.

Bribikes, It worked. And it made me laugh, which I needed right then