Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Oh, the Path Leads to the Sun.

 Well, it's Wednesday already and I'm just writing about last Sunday. That's pretty much the speed I'm working at these days...

Easter was a good day. I did wake-up with a migraine, but I took my meds and got up later and then we picked up John's mom for brunch. We went Augusta, which is a Cajun fusion place in a small farming town. It was started by a couple who were displaced after Hurricane Katrina and the food is excellent. Plus, I'll take my brunch with a side of sarcasm any day.

After brunch, I had to rest for just a little bit, to let my migraine dissipate even further. Then we got ready for fun.

Our local mountain bike trails finally dried out enough to open up. As you'll recall, these were the same trails we cleaned-off the weekend before. So, it felt even better to ride them.

I love riding on this bridge.

John got to ride his new to him mountain bike on these trails for the first time. He almost made it all the way to the top of Cyclocross Hill here. I won't even try it. I'm too chicken. Maybe later in the season after I get more time on the trails. We'll see...

So, lookee there! I got my first tree bark burn of the season. There is a little section of roots that you have to turn right before and then go uphill, so you  (meaning me) can't go over without some much needed speed. I had never tried it before. I finally gave it a whirl, and got bogged down right in the middle of it. Of course, I had the brilliant idea that I could just lean into the tree on my right to catch my balance. Silly me. Who knew that rubbing against tree bark would break the skin? Derrrrr.

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