Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's a Beautiful Day

On Sunday, our legs were fried from the run the day before. We had already committed to doing trail work on the mountain bike trails, but we figured it would take us a couple of hours and we contemplated maybe doing a little ride or swim after we were done.

I love it that people put up weird masks and trolls along the trails. I don't always see them when I'm riding, because I'm trying hard to make sure I don't hit a root or a rock.

We thought we'd be picking up sticks and lopping off a few limbs and cutting down dreaded sticker bushes, but what we found were a lot of downed trees and I wished I had a machete, instead of just loppers to clear up all of the brush on the trails.

 I love this part of the trail. It's all pine trees and I can pretend like I'm in Colorado instead of Iowa.

With all of the downed trees and extra work, the two hours we thought we'd work, turned into closer to 4 hours. By the time we finally finished, I was starving and sore and tired. I had a little migraine on and off all day. It had been 3 weeks and two days since I had had one, so I couldn't really complain, they just make me more tired than usual.

 John thought we should leave this tree down. He thought it would make a nice barrier and he was sure he could ride it. Uh huh. Sure...We cut it out of the trail.

After we finished, John and one of the other guys and I headed to Big Grove. I told you I was hungry. Of course, we couldn't eat all of the food we ordered, but we did have wonderful leftovers for  our work lunches on Monday.

So, the trails are cleaned-up and ready to ride...As soon as they dry up. Whenever that will be.

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