Thursday, March 26, 2015

Peace of Mind? Piece of Cake!

My current favorite room in my house.

Yesterday was about as close to perfect as a day that you have to go to work can be. I only worked until 1:30, so I had more time, just not the WHOLE day. I had a nice bike commute to work and back and then putzed around a bit when I first got home. Then I got ready to run a longer route. I had wanted to run over 10 miles, but my feet have been really killing me lately. I've been trying different placement of my metatasalgia pads and will keep working on that and hope I get it dialed in before the 25K part trail race on April 11th.

Anyway, beside the foot pain, I felt pretty strong during my run and I loved being outside and moving for an hour and a half. Playing outside is always my favorite thing.

Heidi rubbing her scent on my book. I guess no one else can read it now.
On most Wednesday evenings, John goes to his mom's house. I love that he is so good to his mom and I know it means a lot to her that he spends that time with her. It also works out well for me.As I've mentioned several times, I looooooove my alone time. So, last night, after my run, I had the whole house to myself...Except the cats, that is. I made popcorn for dinner, I watched a couple of cheesy House Hunters shows that John can't stand and then I went upstairs to my beloved reading room and read my book, covered in cats. It was such a nice balance of indoor and outdoor and activity and inactivity. The only thing that would have made it better, was if I had time to draw out that one part of my painting.

This morning I was looking out at our screened-in-porch, thinking about how nice it would be to get to hang out there today and reflecting on how happy I am up in my reading room, and it made me really wish I had more time to spend at home.This little homebody sure loves my 1950 cottage.

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