Tuesday, March 03, 2015

There Lived a Cat. A Phenomonal Cat, Who Loved to Wallow All Day

Archie loved the frozen pipes. We moved all the stuff around to heat under the sink and Archie got into all of it.
 Sometimes it seems like my weekends have themes. usually the theme is fun, outdoor playing. There were definitely some elements of fun, outdoor playing last weekend, but the main theme. was stupid house issues.

 I woke up to frozen pipes on Saturday morning. I also had another migraine. One - two - punch. Luckily, our pipes weren't that frozen. I took my migraine meds and passed-out and by the time I got up again, the water was flowing again. Yeeeee haaaawww!

The garbage can was his particular favorite.
 My meds make my pain go away, but they leave me weak and dizzy and tired. Which meant I couldn't run, but I could CX country ski, as long as I didn't go very hard. I made tempeh reubens and we had leftover beet salad for lunch, and then we headed out to Lake McBride and skied for 2 hours. The groomers had worked on a couple of new trails and we had fun checking them all out. When we got done skiing there was a group of older people "tailgating" in the parking lot and offering up hot chocolate to anyone who showed up. They had a couple of different kinds. I had the kind made with coconut milk and white and dark chocolate. Lovely.

We headed to Big Grove for happy hour. They were packed with a bunch of people watching a game (I don't understand ball sports very well, so I'm not sure which one). Some of our bike racing friends, who we chatted with when we were out skiing, were just getting seated, so they asked if we wanted to join them. We did. Then we all ordered different food and beer and shared it all amongst ourselves. We had a great talk and they had just been to South Dakota last Summer, so they had great suggestions for us. When we got home, we watched the movie Maleficent. It was actually pretty good.

On Sunday, I only had the slightest hint of a migraine and it went away during my almost 6 mile run. I had to eat a banana with peanut butter and down some chocolate milk quickly, in order to meet our friends for some  more CX country skiing. One of our friends was going out for his first time, so John and I took turns skiing alongside him and teaching him some techniques. He did great for his first time.

 The people we skied with were done, but John and I wanted to go around one more time just to get our hear rates up for a bit. We met them at 30Hop for lunch when we were done. We split a couple of appetizers and then went home.

My girls and Stinky's boyfriend all converged on our place around the same time. We got to hang out for a bit, before the kids went downtown. They wanted to get to Prairie Lights and the comic book store before they closed. John and I still had to take showers, but we headed out to meet them at The Pullman Car once we were ready. It was a cute place. The food was pretty good and our server was great, it was just a little pricey. I can see going there on special occasions, though and it was really fun to go out for a nice dinner on a Sunday night.

When we got home from dinner, we realized that the heat wasn't working. Great. Luckily, we have plenty of fancy space heaters, but I sure wasn't fond of this weekend's theme of Winter house problems. Sigh.

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