Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Nothing's Gonna Change My World.

Archie is jealous of the attention we pay bike racing, instead of him.
I guess, since it's Wednesday already, I might want to think about writing about last weekend, right?
 Lets see...When I left you on Friday, I was suffering from a migraine. Well, it didn't get better by that evening. I tried to run after work and couldn't do it. I got about 3/4 of a mile out and I was dizzy and weak and everything ached. That was it for me. I turned around and started walking home. When I felt better, I'd run a little until I got dizzy again and then walked and ran the rest of the way. I got home, made dinner and John and I watched the movie, Boyhood. I know a lot of people thought it was slow and boring, but so am I. So, I liked it. It seemed pretty realistic, coming from a single mom who raised her two kids that were similar in age as the ones in the movie.

Bike smoothie blender!
On Saturday my migraine was pretty much gone. Whew! I went out and ran 4.5 miles and felt soooo much better. John and I watched one of the professional bike races. It is part of series called The Classics. John's guy, Stybar won, so he was happy.

I've always been proud of the fact that all of our bike racing team sponsors are small, local businesses. I have raced against teams with a big McDonalds symbol on their backs, and I've wanted to puke the entire race, just thinking about Big Macs. Ew! Anyway, our biggest sponsor is our local Co-op. They do a lot for us, so when they expanded to Cedar Rapids and asked us if we could help with the grand opening, I jumped at the chance...Especially, when I heard that they wanted us to ride a bike powered smoothie blender wearing our racing kits. How fun is that?

John and I showed up and the response from customers was great. It was really fun to make smoothies that way. I wish I had all kinds of pedal powered things in my own home.

After our Co-op gig, John and I headed over to Big Grove for happy hour and dinner. It was packed again. We got set up at a tall table close to the bar. The fun thing, was that we had a couple of seats open and people who were waiting for tables, would sit with us. We met two different groups of couples that way. The second group of two different couples was a lot of fun. We talked about our favorite restaurants and bars in the Iowa City area, and beer and cycling. It turns out, they live in one of the towns that will be an overnight stay on RAGBRAI. They offered to let our group camp on their lawn and we suggested that they get their folks to watch their two kids for a day and ride to Coralville with us and stay at our place in Iowa City, if they wanted a day and night away from the kids. I know they would love our RAGBRAI group and hope they take us up on it.

I already wrote a race report for Sunday's gravel race, but the rest of the day was pretty mellow. John and I both ran a 3'ish mile route after the race, and then he went off to get a slice of pizza and play pool with his friend Bry. While I went to the store and did some laundry and got things ready for the work week. I think I'm still tired from last weekend.

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