Friday, March 06, 2015

The Arranger of Disorder

Heidi is veiling her emotions.
Today is the Friday. The day I devote my blog to cat photos. There are other days of the week with cat photos, but this is THE day where there are almost always cat photos. Lucky you.

It's also the day we've all been waiting for - the day we get away from below zero windchills until next Winter (so they say). It is a beautiful day.

Here I am at 5 am, just getting a migraine and my cat won't get off my bag, to let me go swim laps. Asshole.
I got up at 5, so we could swim laps before work. Swimming and then hanging out in the steam room afterward is one of my favorite ways to start the day. Once I got to work, I got that thing. Those of you who get migraines will know exactly what I'm talking about. They call it an aura, but it's more like someone took a picture of me and the flash just stays in my eye (without getting the picture taken of me). I took some Advil right away trying to ward off the brain pain, but about 20 minutes later it hit. I am so happy I have meds. I took them and a couple of hours later, I was less dizzy and could almost function.

We all treat ourselves with different things. Some with food, some with alcohol, some by buying clothes or shoes. For me, it's books. Since I felt like crap most of the morning, at lunch I headed to Prairie Lights with a list of the "Best fiction of 2014". I was only going to get three books, but I got another one, because I want to read them all: "An Unnecessary Woman" by Rabih Alameddine, "Boy, Snow, Bird" by Helen Oyeyemi, "The Book of Unknown Americans" by Cristina Henriquez and "Frog Music" by Emma Donoghue. Of course, now I want to go home and for a run and then read all my books, all at once. It would be so cool to be magic like that.


NoRegrets said...

BEtter living through drugs. And Archie.

Churlita said...

Yeah. Drugs and Archie...It could be a bad trip.