Thursday, March 12, 2015

Life Ain't a Track Meet (No). It's a Marathon.

Nice hair!

Since it's been so nice here this week, I thought I'd write about a great run I had yesterday, instead of one from a long time ago.

Lovely winding creek.

I got off work early yesterday to do a 12'ish mile run. I have a 25K part trail/part road race coming up in exactly a month, so I need to get some longer runs in before that. About 3 weeks ago, I tried to do a 9 mile run and I thought it was going to kill me. Because of that, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to finish a run this long either. Of course, 3 more weeks of training and giving myself the day off from running the day before this and I had no problem finishing it. Granted, I went very slowly...

I obviously stopped to take photos along the way and waved to all of the cyclists I saw riding past me. It was a perfect day for a run. about 60 degrees and sunny with a light wind and almost no humidity.

As I got closer to the Resevoir, I saw more people. I ran past the Frisbee golfers and luckily didn't get grazed by a bad throw this time around.

This thing, made me look bad. I didn't realize a runner could trip the speed thingy, but just so you know, I was going up hill and I was tired...Okay, the speed thing doesn't lie. I was really that slow.

 I made it to the Spillway, ate my salted caramel Gu, drank some water, took some photos and turned around to head home.

This would look so much better without all of that ice in the lake. Soon...

I had some problems with my metatarsalgia after about the 9th mile. It feels like I am running on razor blades just under my toes. John got me some pads for it and they really help and make it so I can actually run longer than 5 miles at a time now. It does flair up, and this time I think it was because I needed to put in new pads. I did that last night, so we'll see if that helps.

I finished my run in a little over 2 hours. I listened to some good music, saw some cool things and best of all, I was able to run the whole thing. Now, all I have to do is add 3 more miles and some really big, muddy hills and I'll be ready for my race in April...


rel said...

12ish in 2 hours sounds pretty good to me. I felt satisfied to do 8.1 in 2 hours last Saturday. But, for once in ten years, my training is right on track; I'm running a 1/2 in Buffalo Memorial day weekend. I think I already told you my race plans for this season. Any way my daughter and I are entering the lottery tomorrow for the Marine Corps Marathon.
Enjoyed your photo journal of the run. We too are enjoying some welcome spring weather.

Churlita said...

Good luck on your races, Rel! I can't wait to hear how they went.