Thursday, December 04, 2014

Well That's One Way to Lose These Walking Blues.

Sorry, I've been off the blog most of the week. I did an icy trail race on Thanksgiving morning and fell hard on my arse. I remember at the time thinking, "Hey! No broken bones." and then I got up and scampered away to the end of the race. Everything seemed fine.(except for my slow time)

The rest of the holiday weekend I swam laps, I ran on the road and even rode 50 miles to Kalona and back with some friends on the muddy, muddy Iowa roads. I did feel a little soreness on Friday evening and early Saturday, but it went away right before our ride.

Our ride was wonderful and fun. The dirt roads were actually mud and we had to choose the center line in the road, unless we wanted to sink down. We just watched the road ahead closely for cars and buggies.

A couple of friendly dog chases and a cautious buggie passing later, and we landed in Kalona. My friend John said my dish wheels looked like spin art, and I had to agree. Next time, I'll have to ride in more colorful mud for the full spin art effect.

Thanks for the photo, Gibby.
 We made it to Kalona and the staff there was very sweet about dealing with our mud butts sitting on their fine furniture. Coadster even showed up, but we had to say goodbye to her there, because she headed back to Ames after lunch.

 Oh, look! Another shadow selfie of me on my bike. At least I'm consistent.

 We rode home as the sun was heading down, creating some of the best light I've ever seen. I love riding my bike in any season, but seeing the fading Winter light on a bike ride is pretty spectacular.

 Had to get an obligatory mud butt shot. Even with the mud stripes, the view is always best from behind.

I know this is a bad photo, but what you're seeing here is an Amish man pulling a buggy full or children and goats - both kinds of kids.

So, after the bike ride and even the next day, when I ran 4.5 miles, I had no pain whatsoever. Sunday night,  Stinky was over and ate veggie lasagna for dinner with us. We settled in on the couch to watch a few episodes of "Freaks and Geeks", but then I stood up. No problem. I tried to walk. BIG problem. It felt like someone was sticking rebar into my right hip.

Sleeping was tough, but walking was almost out of the question. I stayed home from work, but the doctor couldn't get me in until Tuesday morning.

The next morning, John drove me to my appointment and he finally got to meet my doctor. I know it's weird how much I love her, but even John agreed that my general practitioner was awesome. She ruled out everything else, but muscle inflammation, prescribed anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and immediate Physical Therapy.

Today, I'm finally back at work, with my jacket wadded up and sitting underneath my right cheek. Walking can still be tricky, but the pain is lessening and I am hopeful that I'll be riding my bike into the sunset again in no time.

Let me be your cautionary tale, kids. Don't do icy trail races, or maybe, don't do icy trail runs when you're old...Okay, the best advice I can really give you all is, don't be old. You're welcome.


A said...

good advice

rel said...

Hey, I like being old. Well, notas much as I liked being young, but old and in shape is better than ....., well you know. :)