Thursday, December 11, 2014

I Learned How to Laugh and I Learned How to Cry

Apparently, it is a day of randomness on my blog today. Feel free to suffer through it...

Horses never know what to think about cyclists. On one hand we look like we move like them, but we are humans and we only have two legs. They always seem to be trying to figure us out when we ride on by.

I like to eat pretty food. I made this lovely spinach salad with feta, raspberries and walnuts. A taste treat the whole family can enjoy!

This was a salmon salad with avocado, feta, kalamata olives, and red onions over mixed greens. Good and good for you.

Today is the big day. The guys are coming to work on our crawlspace. We're a little worried that something will come up and they won't be able to do what they claimed, but we'll see how it goes.

We had to unhook the main duct for our furnace in order for them to do the work, which  means we will be without heat for the next couple of days. Luckily, it's been a warmer Winter than last  year so far, but I have a feeling we'll still feel a bit chilly here for a few little whiles.

The other house project I've been working on is priming and painting the three different colors of paneling above the stairs leading to the dormer room. It is tricky because the ceiling is ridiculously high, but I will just have to prop a ladder against the back wall to get the corners and places that the roller on the very long handle can't reach. Also, Archie does stink when I am trying to paint and keep his fat ass out of my way at the same time.

John has never been big on bringing me flowers. He doesn't sing me love songs either. Which is just fine with me. He is overly generous in every other way and has bought me bikes before and that is so much better. Plus, I was single for so many years that I got used to buying my own damn flowers when I wanted them. He doesn't really have the best singing voice either...

Last week I bought myself some daisies. I wanted to cheer myself up after that huge pain in my ass (this time a muscle, not Archie). After a few days, the stems lost their strength and the flowers started to loll over the vase. Which looked pretty cool too.

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