Friday, December 05, 2014

They Only Let Him Hang Around Out of Kindness, I Suppose

 I'll call this entry, "The Ballad of Archie and Joey". Our cats really enjoy looking out the window.

You know, because...SQUIRRELS!

As of late, the cats have been plagued by an evil neighbor cat, named Joey. Joey is bigger than Archie (if you can imagine that), fluffier than Archie, and worst of all, JOEY IS ALLOWED TO RUN AROUND FREELY WHENEVER HE WANTS! Obviously, Archie hates Joey and wishes he would go away and never come back. Which is exactly why Joey gets right up to the window when he sees Archie, hisses and continually flaunts the fact that HE IS ALLOWED TO RUN AROUND FREELY WHENEVER HE WANTS!

 Heidi would like to help with the battle against Joey, but she is skittish and scared. She will follow Archie from window to window, but she can't bear to look outside and actually see the evil beast, Joey. Poor thing.

After Joey leaves, Archie likes to lie on his fake sheepskin in front of the faux fireplace and feel fakely superior.

Of course, all of Archie's false bravado goes to shit when Heidi and one of his humans are napping on the couch. He will always join in on the cuddle puddle, fall fast asleep and dream of the day when he defeats the dreaded Joey and is finally ALLOWED TO RUN AROUND FREELY WHENEVER HE WANTS!


rel said...

Over the years, I've found endless enjoy, watching and playing with our cats. Our last kitty passed away this last fall; he was 18.
If I ever settled down in one place again, before the grave, I look forward to having a kitty curled up on my legs.

NoRegrets said...

Love that. of course, Archie woudld thus hate Billy.