Friday, December 19, 2014

When You Make My Motor Run, My Motor Run.

Friday is random day this week. I have to say, the good thing about having crappy or annoying things happen for the last few weeks, is that this week, that has only been average as far as everything in general is concerned, seems like the best week ever in comparison.

I'm a girl who likes to always have something to look forward to, and so I scheduled a date with my boyfriend for last night. There have been some new, funkier restaurants opening up here in Iowa City. These photos are from the new pizza place/bar/video arcade downtown. Last night, we went to Ride, it is a new bicycle-centric place, owned by a guy I know and the food and drinks were excellent. I love new adventures!

Yesterday morning I was doing a work-out on my bike trainer in the spare bedroom. I like to listen to music when I ride, and my iPhone was on the K's in my playlist. The song "Oh Ta*ra" by the Knack came on. It is one of the few songs I know of with my name in it. My favorite bartender, S. used to play it on the jukebox, followed by "Good Girls Don't". On my playlist, a different song came on instead. This was the conversation I had with John last night:

Me: Hey, sorry about the loud singing during my trainer work-out this morning.

John: You have a beautiful voice. I love to hear you sing.

Me: Even when it's to "My Sharona"?

John: Well, yeah...The song selection could have been better...

Tonight I get to see Coadster graduate from college. I am so damn proud of her. She has worked her ass off to get here. I'm sure I'll cry like a big, fat baby for most of the evening. There might be a few tricky spots with relatives, but I plan on ignoring any drama. This is Coadster's night and she is all that matters.

The cat photos have nothing to do with the rest of the post, but it's Friday. So....CATS!

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