Thursday, August 05, 2010

Help Me Up, Let's Keep On Running

Here are some bottom parts of people from when Coadster was in that play.

I have to say, I think the reboot was pretty damn successful. I had another fairly sleepless night last night, but I woke up feeling so much better and that weight on my heart had finally lifted. Yea, me! I mowed that woman's lawn after work and ran after that. I came home exhausted and planned to just go to sleep as early as possible, when I started getting a bunch of texts from different people. One was from my friend Matt C. He was in town from Denver and wanted me to meet him and a bunch of our guy friends at the Foxhead. I told him that I wasn't going out on such short notice on a school night, but that he could find me out this weekend. He said he had to drive his parents to Des Moines tomorrow, but he'd be back in town in the Fall and we'd meet up then.

Last night when I was cleaning the bathroom, I noticed some weird stuff that looked kind of like coffee grounds on the floor. When I looked more closely, I noticed there were termite looking things in it too and that it must be shredded wood from my subfloor. Holy hell! I've been calling the pest people forever trying to get them to come over and spray and they keep saying they're going to, but never do. I called today and told them that they needed to meet me. They said they'd be over at 3 tomorrow. So, I'm getting off work to try to take care of this. It's a bad combination of gross and stressful.

Okay. Now that I feel all refreshed from my week of introspection, I'm up for some fun this weekend. My girls will be out of town for most of the weekend at their dad's family reunion. Our friend JP is going to be in town from San Diego tomorrow night and we're all going to meet at a brewery pub on Gilbert St. I've heard the beer there is pretty tasty. Since I'm getting off work early, I figured I'd run my 8 mile route and leisurely get ready to go out.

Saturday I'm leaving open. My friend is having a memorial for her fiance who died a few months ago, and I told her I'd help her get ready if she needed any last minute assistance. The memorial itself is at 5. I'm sure it will be pretty sad, just because her fiance was such an amazing man. My friend is one of the most wonderful, positive people I've ever met, so I'm sure she'll also make some of it a celebration of his life. It's supposed to be over at 8. I'm not sure what we'll do after that. If my friend wants to go out and get away, we're kicking around the idea of going to the Motley Cow and hopefully sitting outside and eating appetizers and drinking cocktails (or for me - cocktail (singular)). It's also our friend Roger's birthday, and we promised him we'd meet him and his wife wherever they were celebrating for a bit too. I have no idea if all this rebooting will give me the kind of energy I need for all of this, but I'm pretty good at having my fun and taking off early if I need to crash and burn.

Of course, I'm also planning on running, working on the house and hopefully kayaking on Sunday when it's supposed to be ungodly hot out.

So, how about you all? Are you rebooted, refreshed and ready to rumble this weekend?


SkylersDad said...

This will be a guy weekend for Skyler and I because Kathy is out of town doing the wild west relay.

That is so great you are making time to help your friend, you are a great person and friend.

rel said...

My reboot starts today after work. I am totally ready.

Tara said...

Not quite rebooted, but I'm planning on catching up with sleep this weekend...And then back to reading.

Susan said...

I just want to sleep the weekend away. Is that considered having plans?

Mnmom said...

See my blog for my plans. They also include my daughter's Minnesota All-State Choir concert.

I loved the Foxhead.