Monday, August 30, 2010

Things Replace Things, Days Replace Days

Dude. I am so out of pictures right now.

Oh, kids, It was another one of those Monday nights. The kind where I basically got off work, rode my bike, ran, ate, and rode my bike for much of the rest of the night. In other words, it was perfect.

This week, I went down to the Dublin only to find that it was just myself and JS riding. I asked him if he still wanted to go and he said he did. I texted my friend Bry to find out where the hell he was. He called me back and said he thought that no one else was going, so he went on his own. He was already in Hills, but told me he'd wait for us to get there.

JS and I had a great talk on our ride. I met him when I was 22, but he moved to Boston shortly after, and just moved back into town this month. So, we know a lot of the same people from college and chatted about art and politics and biking and cross country skiing. The headwind was a killer, but it was good for me to try to keep up with JS in that wind.

When we got to the restaurant, I decided I was going to drink a margarita. JS ordered some food, and tequila because he had promised our friend G. that we would toast her and her broken toes and possible broken foot. The bartender was happy to see us. He asked us where Bry was. He wanted to listen to me flip him some more shit and was worried that wasn't going to happen. Bry finally showed up. He said he had gone back to hide and when we rode by, he was going to sneak up behind us and scare us, but then he never saw us ride past. So, basically, Bry is a big fat dork.

We all had a nice ride back and planned our next ride on Sunday night next week. Since it will be Labor Day and our friend Ellen will be in town, we decided we'd do a longer ride and stop off at a park by the river and have a fire. JS asked me if I'd want to hang out before then, and I told him sure and just to call me and let me know when he was going down to the Dublin or whatever. It's always good to reconnect with an old friend...Especially one who likes to ride bikes and helps you give your friend Bry a hard time.


rel said...

What an awesome day you had, for any day let alone a Monday.

Tara said...

Sounds like a lot of fun - the bike riding, eating and visit to margaritaville.

I need to take new photos too. Many of them were lost when my computer died, but I still have some on a flash drive.

SkylersDad said...

I hear that Margarita's are the new recovery drink for bike pros!

AlienCG said...

Is that picture from the flooding from a couple years ago?

It sounds like you had the ultimate perfect weekend. If I were in better shape I would be riding my bike all over the place. Maybe I should do that and that would put me in shape and then I could ride even further.

laura b. said...

You sure know how to start the week right!

And I'm unduly excited about having a long weekend.

NoRegrets said...

Ah what a multitasker - biking and giving shit at the same time.

MrManuel said...

I need to get myself a bike. I haven't ridden one since my freshman year of college.

Johnny Yen said...

Reconnecting with old friends is the bomb, isn't it?

Wish I had someone who wanted to ride bikes with me, or run, even. I'd probably do it more often then.

Churlita said...

Rel, I know. It's hard to do something on a Monday night,but it's kind of nice to do something so fun to start my week.

Tara, I can't wait to see your new photos. I have to actually take some new ones.

Skyler's, Oh good. I just needed an excuse to drink them and since you said they were healthy...

AlienCG, Sadly, it was from the flooding in Iowa this Summer. We've had enough of that now. I believe we've filled our quota.

LauraB., Me too. Three day weekend can't come soon enough.

Nor, See? And those are two of my favorite things right there.

MrMAnuel, I highly recommend it. I think you'll wonder why you hadn't been riding all along.

Johnny, I'm one of those weird people who has to run alone, but I love to bike with friends...Especially, when we head to where the margaritas are sold.