Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stealing Down a Wrong Way Street

This will be short. The car is packed and we're ready to take off in the morning. It will be a quick unload, because Stinky has to work at 5, but still wanted to go with to say goodbye to her sister. This will be REALLY hard on Stinky. As much as they drive each other crazy, my girls are very close and Stinky will be pretty lost without her...As will I. Stinky and I are more alike and Coadster is a little more...Uptight, probably isn't the right word...Controlling? No. Stinky and I are fairly laidback about things in general, and Coady is...Not. She's a good balance for us, because she makes sure things get done a certain way. Plus, she's the only one of us who has a sense of direction. Without her, we could spend a lot of time driving around in circles. Just kidding. Really though, it will take some time to get used to dealing with the loss of her family contribution.

We finished up the shopping for Coadster today. I think my favorite teenager line today was, "I wouldn't normally get that, but since you're buying, sure, I'll take one." Awesome.

Okay. The next time I write here, I'll be one child short in my house. I got a computer update today too. They shipped it off and I should get it in the next couple of days. I just hope one of us is here to sign for it when it does get here.


rel said...

And the sunflower begins to unfold.

Tara said...

I wish Coadster good luck with her college experience.

Two of my brothers went off to college, and it was always bittersweet. They teased me until I went batty, but I noticed the void when they were away.

NoRegrets said...

Oh, good luck. Be safe. And don't be too sad.

laura b. said...

It will be so exciting to hear about her experiences as a college girl! From what I hear about her here, I can really see her taking the world by storm :-)

Mnmom said...

Take photos of you and Stinky looked dazed and confused near a pile of undone laundry and send it to her next week.

I was the older sister, and when I left my sis told me she went to my room and bawled. Mom found her there and they bawled together.

GOOD LUCK to Coadster!!!

MrManuel said...

Such a momentous occasion. My mom bawled her eyes out dropping me off at college. Good luck!

Johnny Yen said...

My son is the directional genius around here. Seriously, when you have a four-year-old correcting your navigation... I'm seriously directionally-challenged. Fortunately, I've already prepared for the day he goes off to college; I bought a GPS.

The day you're having is still a couple of years off. I know it'll be difficult for me too.