Sunday, August 08, 2010

Heaven is a Place. A Place Where Nothing. Nothing Ever Happens

Hey, kids. While I was rebooting, my computer decided it was done. So, my 7 year old computer, may you rest in peace. My blogging will be a little sporadic until I get a replacement.

This weekend was good. On Friday I went home early and had a great 8 mile run. I got home and got ready and met my friends at the brew pub. I had a really nice evening and got home around 11'ish.

On Saturday morning the bug guy finally came by. He checked things out and decided that we had carpenter ants. Whew! He said they were easily treated and told me what to do. He also told me that he spot treated my termites a couple of weeks ago, but just didn't get around to billing me. I told him that was jut fine and feel free to take his time with that. He offered to come by from time to time and do more spot treatments any time he had extra bug killing juice for free. Nice.

I only have a 3 day week coming up. I'm going to try and get a computer and get some blogging done while I wait for it.


Tara said...

I know I would've cried too if I was there and she read that email.

Sorry to hear about your computer. I hope you can find a faster one soon!

SkylersDad said...

I hope you can get a replacement computer soon, and it isn't too expensive.

booda baby said...

I wish this wasn't true, but any seven year old computer deserves to kick it. You'll be happy with the new fangled features you didn't even knew you'd like.

What a wonderful thing for her to have, an email that says something. If someone I love knows death is imminent, though, I'm going to ask that they write a letter. On paper.

laura b. said...

I'm sorry about your computer. I'm not sure what I'll opt to do when mine goes...and of course it is always only a matter of time. sigh.
Good news about your bugs though! And your bug guy sounds nice.

Mnmom said...

LA LA LA LA I can't hear you . . my computer is old too.

BTW we'll be in Iowa City on October 21-22!

Churlita said...

tara, Me too. I just want one now.

Skyler's, I'm a little worried about the expense...As always.

Booda Baby, He wrote that before he was sick. Her 3 year old son also had cancer. So, when he couldn't be at the hospital with her because he was working, or whatever, he would write her these amazing emails every day telling her how much he cared about her. So sweet.

LauraB., You never know. Yours could last and last...

MnMom, Okay. Let's plan on meeting when you come down here. We can go to all of your favorite haunts.

Johnny Yen said...

I'm praying that both my and my son's laptops make it to the end of nursing school (9 months). They're about the same age.

We had ants the size of Chihuahuas when I moved in here. The Orkin guy finally banished them, bless his heart.

Hope you can find a good deal on a computer.