Thursday, August 12, 2010

She's So Heavy

Today was so awesome. Coadster and I just kept thanking each other for being so much fun. It was hot as hell and perfect for a day in the water park. We went on almost all of the slides, the lazy river, the largest water roller coaster in the world, spent a good deal of time in the wave pool, Coadster got a beloved corn dog and then we went to the best haunted house (in the form of a crypt) we've ever been to...And Coadster loves that spooky stuff, so we've been to a lot. My goal was to spoil the hell out of her and according to Coadster, I was a success.

Tomorrow, we're going to go shopping for school stuff. Since the Target store in Ames is flooded now, it looks like we'll be getting everything here and transporting it. In the evening, I'm helping my friend G. out. She has a date with a guy we call "the cyclist who doesn't wear a helmet" (we have nicknames for pretty much everyone). She's meeting him early for drinks, and I don't want her to have to worry about getting there or back and not being able to drink...Because there's no better time for a drink than a first date.

Saturday I plan on cleaning my house and helping Coadster pack. I have so much to do around my house and I'll have a few days to devote to it.

Saturday night we're still planning on having our girl night. Mr B. just texted me to tell me he was coming into town to see some bands and wanted to see me too, and I am so glad I hadn't already planned to go to that show. Now, I can make a point NOT to run into him. Thanks to my reboot last week, I've become a phantom to anyone who either can't be nice to me, can't stop playing games or both. It's amazing how much simpler my life is lately...Perfect.


rel said...

All my kids and grandkids are here, a fab. rarity. It's great.

NoRegrets said...

Phantom Churlita - good thing you didn't get caught into working at the spooky ride at the water park. Sounds like a perfect day.

Brando said...

Better the cyclist who doesn't wear a helmet than the cyclist who doesn't wear pants.

Nice to hear you and Coadster having such a good time.

laura b. said...

Aw, I'm so glad you and Coadster had such a great day together.

Way to go on becoming a phantom to those undeserving of you.

Ananda girl said...

What a great memory for Coadster to take with her to college! And for you to keep.

Great idea getting rid of the floatsum!

booda baby said...

You really and truly rock the great mom category. It's just something wonderful to focus on making good memories. Of course, lots of time, they just ... happen, but the effort - the care and attention and the DRIVING - that's like a billion good hugs.

SkylersDad said...

What a great time, I turn into a 12 year old at water parks! I am such an idiot, lets go again, let's go again!!

another good thing said...

oh, girl... the lessons I continue to learn from you.
forgive my errant blogginess- both in posting and in reading. have missed your words.