Monday, August 23, 2010

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

My new computer is being a little funky tonight and won't let me post pics right now. So, this will just be quick to say I had a great night. I rode my bike home, ran my 4 mile route, ate some food and then rode my bike down to the Dublin to meet friends for a longer bike ride to a little town called Hills. It was my friend G. and I, along with 3 other guys we know. It was such a nice ride.

When we got to Hills, we stopped at the Mexican restaurant/bar. Since it was a Monday, there were only a couple of other guys there. We sat around and gave each other a hard time. At one point, the bartender asked my friend Bry, "Why don't you come back next time with your REAL friends..."

And we all asked, "What friends?"

My favorite bartender S. met us there for a drink. Then everyone decided to mess with me. Even the cooks who were off work and waiting for rides home had a good laugh at my expense. Happy to be of service.

We rode home in the light of the almost full moon. My friend Bry talking shit to me the whole way, while I tried not to laugh so hard I crashed my bike. When I was getting ready to finally go home, our friend JS. made G. and I promise that we'd join them next week. Who was I to say no?


laura b. said...

I mean, really, how could you say no? Sounds like a great time :-)

rel said...

Those impromptu gatherings are often times the best.

Tara said...

You can't say no, that sounds like another great night waiting to happen!

booda baby said...

Riding a bike by the full moon. In the summer. In Iowa. What perfection!

NoRegrets said...

I wish I had so many friends like you do that make you laugh... must be great. but it's also you and your approach to life - I get that.

KenV said...

Sounds like an awesome bike ride. Thanks for sharing!

Churlita said...

Laura, I know. Bike riding and laughing are two of my favorite things.

REl, I agree. It felt good to get on our bikes and go on a Monday night. Of course, I paid for it a bit today trying to play catch up.

Tara, I hope it's just as much fun next week too.

Booda Baby, It did feel pretty perfect. I love those great Iowa moments.

Nor, I've lived in the same town since college. So, I've had the chance to make some wonderful and very funny friends. I do feel lucky.

Ken, it was a great night and an awesome bike ride.