Thursday, August 19, 2010

Every Evening and Every Day, Seem to Always Turn Out This Way

This is from a town called Colfax that is experiencing some nasty flooding right now.

Well, kids. Yesterday was kind of weird. At one point in the morning, I looked in the mirror and noticed HUGE dark circles under my eyes...No. Even worse than normal. I had actually slept alright the night before, so I wasn't sure what that was from.

Here is a junkyard under water.

Then in the afternoon, I found out. That's right. Stomach flu. I made it to the end of the day and rode my bike home, but then I was on the couch for the rest of the evening, with a lovely fever and feeling totally dehydrated from losing my lunch and possibly some other meals and snacks too.

Here is a sign selling land that is covered with water....So, river bottom.

I finally started feeling better closer to bed time, so I read My Antonia. The great thing about reading a book that was published in 1918, is that you see sentences like this: "'Very glad, very glad!' She ejaculated." without even the hint of a smirk. That's okay. I smirked enough for the whole world when I read it.

So, I'm feeling better today, back at work and still waiting for my damn computer to show.


Tera said...

Oh man! I hope you feel better soon! I have had some kind of stomach bug these past couple of days, and I soooo hope it's gone by the weekend!

laura b. said...

So sorry to hear you got the bug. Get all the rest you need and feel better soon.

booda baby said...

Well, that just makes sense, doesn't it? That you'd get a bug after what HAD to be a slightly stressful episode. (For me, at least. :)) A few tears, a little flu. It's all stuff to recover from.

rel said...

Glad for you that the bug was short lived. Perhaps it left when you ejaculated your lunch and snacks.:)

Brando said...

They really had a taste for literary ejactulation back then.