Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wise Folks Count Their Blessings, Fools Count Their Problems

Here is another pic of a zinnia. Sorry, I lost most of my pics when my last computer died. So, you get to see another zinnia.

Wow. This week just flew by. I forget how much less sleep I get when I have to get up early every morning. So, tonight I'm exhausted and thinking about the weekend.

I've been reading the book Angelology by a graduate of our writer's workshop here. It's really good. If you read The Historian, it's similar to that but more interesting, better written and thankfully not so verbose. It's been hard to put down.

Coadster called me tonight and said she had found a ride home, so we'll get to see her this weekend. It's been almost two weeks. That's the longest I've ever been away from her in her life. Weird. Stinky and I are so excited to see her.

I'm not sure what else I'm doing this weekend. I'm thinking I'll try to go on a longer run after work tomorrow, then just stay home and chill out and read and/or watch a movie.

Saturday, I'll run some more and spend as much time with my girls as possible, while still trying to get things done. I'm not quite sure what I'll do Saturday night. We had talked about going canoeing/kayaking early on Sunday morning, but it seemed like everyone was laming out. If it happens, I'll try to get to sleep as early as possible. If it doesn't happen, I'll probably hang out with some friends for a bit.

How about you all? Will you have a homecoming this weekend, or will you find yourself floating down a river?


rel said...

How exciting that Coadster is coming home!
Training weekend for me: 90 miler coming up.

Tara said...

Coadster will probably already have some interesting college stories to share! Have fun this weekend!

I'll be shopping for a new computer on Sunday. Even if I don't pick one out right away, I'll have fun looking at all the techi toys.

booda baby said...

Ooh. I'm going to go straight to the library. After I do other stuff. I liked 'The Historian' but it DID have a LOT of stuff someone should've taken a big thick blue pen to. At least I got to practice skipping.

The news about Coadster made me feel like I got a big hug. Thanks.

laura b. said...

Great news that you get to see your college student!
School year schedule is much more tiring, isn't it...

Have a wonderful weekend!

NoRegrets said...

yay for a child visit! so, will she take the time to visit her dad? or is that no longer necessary for her?

SkylersDad said...

How cool to see Coadster, enjoy your time together!

Johnny Yen said...

That's great that your daughter can visit. I imagine she'll have a lot to tell you!

Since my son is here every two weeks, I guess I've been prepped for when he goes off to college. My wife melts down when her daughter is away a week.

I'm getting ready to give running another try; my knee has felt a lot better lately. I need to knock off the fifteen pounds I put on over the summer.

.j.william. said...

it's a homecoming weekend here, as Katie is coming back from being gone all summer. Yay! hope your weekend is wonderful.

Mnmom said...

I read the Historian, and was frustrated with it's length but enjoyed the idea. So I'll check out that book.

Our weekend has been the usual: laundry, driving kids around, a little yard work.