Monday, December 03, 2007

Style is Surely Our Own Thing

Here is a photo of some hanging speakers.

Hey, has anyone noticed that they are getting tons of google image searches that are leading people to their blogs, or is that just me? I used to get one every few months, now I'm getting like ten or so a day, all from different ISP addresses. Has some new search thing opened up recently?

Lawdy-lawd, how fast the pace gets after one whole day of doing nothing. I'll probably be paying for my get out of jail free card day for the next week or two. Sunday I did all my chores for the weekend and then went to my friend James's house to watch the Steelers win again.

Tonight is supposed to be my night to myself, but my ex needs new tires on his car and can't drive over ice. Plus, the girls needed new stuff for all their activities and my ex prefers not to contribute financially. So, I spent my "me time" taking the girls to different stores and bleeding money all over the mall. Stinky starts basketball on Wednesday and we got her a pair of high tops that even I think are cool They are Adidas and they have this thing where you can switch out the stripes with about twenty different colors. Awesome, huh?

I also ran into my favorite neighbor B. who I haven't seen in forever. She used to work at 126, where I could go hang out and drink wine on her nights there and she lived kind of across the street from me and I could just walk over and pester her entire family. Now she and her twin own a house painting business and she moved further down the street. How lame is it of me that I haven't walked that block over to see her new house since June? Really lame, that's how.

Tomorrow night, I plan on going to the rec building to run. I purposely took a few days off from running when I was so sick, and now the sidewalks are all iced over and I can't safely run on them in the dark without breaking something. So, Coadster and I will go run on the indoor university track. Luckily, Coadster doesn't like running with the iPod, so I don't even have to feel selfish when I hog it all to myself. I love it when my daughters make me look like a better person than I really am.


Remiman said...

Life is good, even if the snow fairy and Jack-Frost had an orgy and left the residual all over the place. Running inside on a U. track can be a nice change of pace.
Missed you when I was in Texas. Thanks for keepin' tabs on the blog.
Left Texas and the temp was 71. Arrived in Ottawa, temp was 3. Brrrr. ;)

dmarks said...

I keep getting searches looking for the Death Star, and nude Christine Baranski. I have pictures of one, but not the other.

evil-e said...

"bleeding money all over the mall"...sounds painful and expensive.

Your Steeler mojo keeps working, use it so the Steelers can finish the job Baltimore could not last night....time for the Patriots to lose their first.

Not Fainthearted said...

And there's more wintery fun in store for today, huh? At least up here.

I'm using it as an excuse to keep DS1 home on a school night.

I haven't noticed the image search thing at my new place (mostly because google is having a fit that my URLs are so similar) Doesn't seem like image searches on the other one, but someone did use "funny ventrolquist sport" to get there.

I have no idea what that means.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

I think the image searches come in spurts for me. There was a time when it seemed like every other search that landed on my blog came from a search on spiderman images.

booda baby said...

I hated running indoors. It hurt to breathe. Always made me feel like I was running inside a stale tire. I bet it'd REALLY hurt now, what with the smoking and being totally out of shape. Does it really not bother you at all?

I'd just jog over to your friend who moved a block away and call it a night.

Tara said...

I'm getting those image search things too.

Is your ex out of a job or is he just cheap or both? He needs to get his act together. They're his kids too.

Anonymous said...

Of course, with a blog called Where are the naked pictures? we get a few hits for, uh, stuff. mainly from Google, rarely from Yahoo. I don't get that.

Nice that you have an indoor place to run. I shall exercise vicariously through you.

fringes said...

What the hell is wrong with Google today? The above comment was from me, fringes. Argh.

Brando said...

You should announce the beginning of every song with "Oh, I LOVE this song" and drive Coadster nuts. That's what my dad would have done.

laura b. said...

I always forget to check and see who is finding my blog...probably no one!
Running inside is not the same, but sounds like it will be fun to have company who won't fight you for the music.

MrManuel said...

I haven't looked at my search results in a while. I need to do that again soon!

You can't go wrong with Adidas...

AlienCG said...

I've been too lazy to jump through the hoops of getting to my search results (my host is updating their servers). I'll check one day.

I hope you get a night to yourself soon. Put a Band-Aid on the source of the money bleeding.

Churlita said...


That's quite a huge temperature difference. I'm glad you're back.


Which one?


Man, I hope my mojo is strong enough for the Patriots game.


It was messy here today, but not too dangerous.


I can totally understand people looking for Spiderman images.

Booda Baby,

I'm such a freak, that it doesn't bother me much at all. I'm always so much happier outside, though.


He's not real big on working and wants to act, so he won't take a job that won't give him the time to be in a play. So, he makes about $8 bucks an hour and only works 30'ish hours a week. He can't afford his own apartment, let alone help with the girls. It's annoying.


Google is a touchy little bitch. IT was down for a while today.


That's a great idea.


yeah, and I can make the dorky thumbs-up sign every time I pass her and watch her roll her eyes.

Mr MAnuel,

Adidas is usually pretty good for basketball shoes.


I wish I had a band-aid big enough.

David in DC said...

I'm definitely getting more queries through google images.

dunno why though.

Mine are mostly looking for Underdog, Sweet Polly Purebread, or funny pumpkins. If that means anything.

Churlita said...

Who doesn't want to see photos of Underdog and Sweet Polly Purebred?