Sunday, December 09, 2007

In Fact It Was a Little Bit Frightening

This weekend was long. It felt like more than two days and now I need even more time to recover. It was totally worth being tired, but I'm going to try to go to sleep as early as possible tonight.
The drag part about last night was that I ran out of batteries for my camera about an hour into it. So, I got some fun photos from the Load of Craft event at the Picador, but none from the Santa Crawl itself. My friend Erik said he might try to get K. some pics tomorrow before he skips town, but if not, this is what we got.

I didn't get to the Picador until the tail end of the craft show, but I was just in time to witness my first craft death match. Apparently, it's a timed art competition. The one I saw, was drawing. Four people sat around and drew and then when time was up, their drawings were judged and the best one won a $125 gift certificate for a tattoo. All of this art was made to the soundtrack of Killed By Death playing metal records. There were different craft booths set-up all over the upstairs of the Picador. I didn't buy anything, but K. bought some cool earrings and some awesome cream cheese mints made by Libra. They came in very handy later in the evening after we drank beer and didn't want to ruin any potential making-out opportunities should they arise.

After about an hour or so, we headed over to the Dublin Underground to start the Santa Crawl. I think I'll end this here, and continue on tomorrow. I'm hoping I'll have some more photos of later in the night, because I know you'd all be so sad if you couldn't see just how scary I look when I'm drunk and screeching and wearing a Santa hat trimmed in fake leopard skin.


David in DC said...

Those cats were fast as lightning.

Drunk. Santa hat. Even fake leopard skin, I can believe.

But screeching? I sincerely doubt it.

evil-e said...

Sounds like a good time....I can remember a few nights like that from back in the day.

Cool photos...I don't know of any events such as this locally, and I have never heard of a craft death match. I like the idea of high pressure artistry though.

More photos!!

Ice said...

;) waiting with baited breath.

Margaret said...

a craft death match for a tatoo gift certificate? i don't know how the contestants stood up to the pressure

Not Fainthearted said...

Well, this part of the evening certainly sounds...interesting. Tattoo as a prize, huh?

And "Killed by Death" as the background music. Very holidayish. ;-)

Tara said...

That sounds like the coolest craft show ever. The last one I went to was a room full of people selling Mary Kay products, Pampered chef stuff and religious crafts. Not quite as fun as reading about a drawing competition set to heavy metal.

Emma said...

oh, the Santa crawl!! I so want to see that leopard print-trimmed santa hat on you!!

laura b. said...

A cliff hanger post! I'm hooked.

Chance said...

It's actually "bated breath," but "baited breath" --- while less appetizing-sounding to the ear --- conjures up a host of interesting imagery.

I'm a bit drunk.

Churlita said...

David in DC,

Oh, if you knew me, you'd believe the screeching.


I bet it would have been right up your alley. Art and metal - you can't go wrong.


You'll have to wait a little longer. Sorry.


They were sitting down the whole time.


Maybe there was some kind of holiday it represented...Just not Christmas so much.


I bet you would have love the crafts. Lots of cool earrings and even a Neil Diamond quilt.


Hopefully, I'll get the photos tomorrow.


Good. That's what I'm here for.


As always, I love your drunken comments.

another good thing said...

must see photos-
hey can you do those craft contests online, I wonder? like real time on i-chat video cams off macs-- how funny would that be?