Tuesday, December 04, 2007

For Me to Stay Here I've Got to be Me

Here is another photo from Coadster. This one is of our iced over alley.

Sometimes I love my town. Sure, I'll probably never meet a guy I can date here, but everything else is pretty good. So, why stress-out about the one thing I can't have, when there are so many other great things I can have? Don't get me wrong, I'm sure you'll also read plenty of "I hate Iowa City" posts from me, but tonight I'm have a little fling with my town. Ah, hell. Let's just count some ways, okay?

First - I've decided for sure to go see Dinosaur Jr play next Tuesday night at the Picador. I messaged my friend J. about it, because he works there, and he told me it was an early show, so it should be done by eleven. Even I'm not so lame that I can't make it to an early show on a school night, right? Plus, it only takes me less than ten minutes to get home from there.

Second - I work almost downtown, so I was able to go kidnap my friend A. from her job at 126 for a half an hour right after I was released from the agony of my job. We went into the Deadwood and had a Pepsi. It was angry hour there and beer was really cheap, but I had promised Coadster I'd go to the rec building and run with her. Sadly, I'm not coordinated enough to run without tripping when I'm sober, let alone after a beer or two.

Third - While A. and I were at the Deadwood, we were talking about a fairly famous folksinger and his also fairly famous folksinger wife who just recently moved from their acreage outside of Fairfield into A.'s neighborhood. She was talking about their daughter who they adopted from Russia and has a fairly distinctive name, when a guy approached our table. I had my back to him, so I couldn't see who he was until he spoke. "Hey, I'm sorry. I was over there playing Sudoku, and I overheard you talking about G.B. and his daughter. They're actually friends of mine..."

"Oh, that's cool. I really like them too," My friend A. said. I recognized the guy. He lives kind of by my friend K. and he's a friend of this guy I know named B.C., so we both said hi and I introduced him to A. He asked if he could join us and so we all talked for a while, before Coadster called and informed me that I was really late and needed to get going. I both love it and hate it that in this town anyone sitting near you, knows someone you're talking about. But I only love it and don't hate it, that that person will have no qualms about introducing him/herself, and if they sit down with you, will almost always be entertaining in some way.

Fourth - Coadster and I finally made it to the rec building. It's an awesome 200 meter track with indoor tennis courts in the center, and best of all, it's completely free and open to the public. Tonight they were having indoor youth soccer practice, so there were plenty of things to watch while we were running. Because I was a little delinquent earlier in the evening, I really only had time to run a few miles, but my iPod was feeling all groovy and playing a lot of sixties music. I heard "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys, "Go Where You Wanna Go" by the Mamas and the Papas, "If you Want Me to Stay", by the Chili Peppers (it's a cover of a Sly and the Family Stone song, so it totally counts as groovy) and "Police and Thieves" by The Clash - which is not so sixties at all, but a song I like a whole, whole lot.

So, people always want to talk shit about Iowa. I agree that the weather sucks. It's crazy cold in the Winter and stoooopidly hot and humid in the Summer and usually the weather is the most exciting thing going on here, but I can work around all that and love everything else... At least I can tonight.


evil-e said...

You live in a smaller fish bowl than I do. Cleveland is very much like that at times in the fact that you are only about two people away from knowing everyone in this burg. I think I know both of those people.

Dinosaur Jr...that's a name I have not heard in years.

This will be a good day...the first 3 letters of the word verification are FUC...

Mr Atrocity said...

You may find it odd but Soho in London's quite a lot like this. Because all of the UK visual effects studios are here and everyone knows everyone else you can't go out at lunchtime without bumping into someone you know.

London is formed from many little towns and villages that expanded together so you find plenty of little communities all over. It is a good feeling.

Emma said...

Geezus, I'm gone for a few days and I have a ton of Churlita catch-up to do!! Your Iowa town sounds lovely, with the beer >:)

Not Fainthearted said...

Good grief that sounds like a marvelous evening!

NE Minneapolis is starting to feel like that kind of community to me, after living here for 25 years!

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

So who is this sort of famous folksinger? It's kinda cool to run into someone that knows someone that knows someone that you know.. get my drift? lol.. Our neighboour happened to be an old friend of my Hubby and they went to school together over 30 yrs ago.. Then we bought this house and he was a new neighbour.. I knew his cousins and so did my Hubby.. Small world in deed...

Remiman said...

Lovin' it! Where you're at is where it's at. It means you exract the best a place has to offer. Not in a polyannish way; with a nod to the down side, but putting more emphasis on the up.
I live in a village of 450 people. Talk about everybody knowing everyone else business!!!!
I refer to this place as "Eastbumfuck, USA, because it's so obscure. It has some amazing qualities too. In fact a friend of ours, 16 year old grand-daughter is currently a semi finalist in a CMT contest.
Macy Van Arnum: You can find her here:http://www.cmt.com/interact/music_city_madness/
Check her out and tell me what you and your girls think.

Tara said...

A rec building that's free? I'm in. The rec center in my area charges an arm and a leg to be a member for a year, and I think they still charge a bit if you just want to use it for a day. I would love an indoor tennis court.

fringes said...

Angry hour...haha...love that.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

You have once again caused me to have some major good flashbacks to younger days with your mention of Dino Jr. It'll be a great show I'm sure and all the better because of the early ending.


yaj said...

I can't wait for the Dino Jr. show either. I'll say hi if I happen to see you there. Hope they play some of the old (SST era) stuff.

Rick said...

I grew up in Iowa, have outlaw in-laws in Iowa City, visited this past summer. I could totally live there again, if I didn't have to drive by the dreary winter scenery. Not that I think of it, most people would say the same about Seattle, so I guess we're even.

minijonb said...

i'm now having a few Dinosaur Jr. flashbacks from a Lolapalooza show many years ago. anyway...

i might be moving to a small college town like that next year. i'm looking forward to it.

David in DC said...

Wild guess here, but isn't one of the Wainwrights married to one of the Roches?

LA said...

Awww man....I miss IC sometimes. Usually in the fall in between student comings and goings. People beat that place up, but it really is a good sort of town.
People who rag about the weather are borring. Move to Florida, pussies.

laura b. said...

A love note to your town! Sounds like there are enough good things about living there to more than make up for any negatives.

booda baby said...

Sigh. I think IC's especially wonderlandful in winter.

Know what else is so cool about Ia? A.'s mixed a few of G's shows so G. put us on the FREEEE list when he played here in Stupid Expensive Ticket-ville and our good friend Joe Price has been opening a few places for him and our friend Benjy and his new wife are producing Pieta's (did I spell that right?)show and all of that connectedness is real and honest and that's just how it is. Sweet and real, no sweat. (Not saying there aren't plenty of full of shit posers there, but they're easy to spot.)

I LOVE that.

Chance said...

The singer is clearly Greg Brown, and Greg Brown is my God. Seriously, I cannot get enough Greg Brown.

Churlita said...


It's funny how small everyone's world's seem no matter where they live.

Mr Atrocity,

Beleive me, I would love to go there and see that for myself.


Any town would probably be lovely with beer.


After 25 years, I bet any place would feel kind of small.


The questions is answered further down in the comments. It's G - reg B - rown. Do you know his music?


Exactly. If I wasn't happy here, I wouldn't stay.


Teh track and the tennis courts are free.


I know. That's what they call it.


I just hope they don't suck now.


Please do. I don't know what you look like, so be sure to introduce yourself.


What part of Iowa are you from?


What are you going to study in grad school?

David in DC,

It was G - Reg B - rown and I - Ris - D- ement.


It's probably easier for me to live here, because I didn't grow up here like you did.


It all depends on what day it is.

Booda BAby,

YOu spelled her name correctly. I don't think I know Benjy, but I know everyone else you mentioned.


I didn't know you were a fan. I used to work at a restaurant where he hung-out and the only place he used to play in town. I've seen him play a million times, but I've probably only paid once or twice.

Liz said...

I must investigate this Greg Brown. Is it fun folk or folk with a message that makes me feel guilty?

Do you know Todd Snyder? Look for "Conservative Christian Right Wing Republican Straight White American Male" and "Beer Run". He's pretty good.

AlienCG said...

There are times when I wish I could spend some quality time in some of these small places that I visit. I'm sure there are things to do, but I don't get the time since I'm working.

Churlita said...


I think it's more fun folk. Willie Nelson and Santana did a cover of one of his songs in the eighties, and they're fun, right?


I think that would be hard about your job, going to other places and not having time to check them out.