Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm Tired of Making Out on the Telephone

Oh, look. Another icy tree pic. What a surprise.

Okay. I, er... um, well...I think I'm going to start having a fun fling with this one guy. There. I said it. I don't know if it will develop into anything more than that, because, ironically enough, he lives in St Louis. Yeah, that place K. and I joked about making a pilgrimage to in order to meet a man who will actually pay his share. Life can be funny like that, huh? It's about a four hour drive there and neither one of us are opposed to meeting in some town halfway. There will have to be a lot of effort made on both our parts, and I guess time will tell whether we think it's worth it in the long run. Right now, it feels like it could be.

He is fun and generous and affectionate and conscientious and hott as hell and has been really good at making me feel like I'm worth his time and energy. How refreshing is that? He's also my exact same age. I haven't dated a guy my age or older in the last ten years. And it's not like I'm some scary cougar lady either, it's just that in my town, single, datable men in their forties are an urban legend. So, as many people have pointed out, sometimes you have to import them.

Again, we'll see where it goes, but flirty daytime texting, sexy evening calls and the promise of an actual meeting in person in the next two weeks are really helping me get through all of this weather and the holiday season. And right now, that's enough.


Mr Atrocity said...

Yay! There you go, we all said you were teh hottness (see, I speak internet).

Have as much fun as is sanctioned under federeal fun-having legislation. Then maybe have a little bit more.

Remiman said...

See, there really is a Santa Claus!

Merry Christmas.

evil-e said...

Go for sounds like you need the lovins. Maybe the make out quest will garner some profit.

DJSassafrass said...

Yay!!! Hey, any pilgrimage to STL and I am in...BTW, I think Hannibal would be the half way and that town has everything you need!

I want more details soon!!!

Margaret said...

yay! make-out quest goes long distance

NoRegrets said...

Ahhhh.... anticipation (phone calls, etc.) leads to great things. Enjoy enjoy!!!

Not Fainthearted said...

Yay for Make-out quest 2007!!

given the timing this could even jump-start make-out quest 2008!


Tara said...

That is great news. Have fun, be careful but have fun. Did I mention to have fun? ;)

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Hurray! There is no better way to keep warm than a little fling a ding.
Have fun! (post about it often please...)

LA said...

I cannot believe the amount of ice you guys got slammed w/ in IC. Yikes.
Good luck on your make-out quest. SL is a fun place! If the makn' out doesn't happen, you will still have loads to do, but I think some smoochn'+ will prob. happen.

minijonb said...

have a great road trip... and lots of hot steamy sex as well =:-)

emmaenlighted said...

Ooooohh, Churlita's got a boy! Why haven't you mentioned him before? How'd you meet? Does he have nice hands? :)

P.S. I mentioned you in my last post, I hope you like ;)

booda baby said...

A lot of times, I hate the telephone, but that's always about business. Romance and anything sexy? It's THE best invention. I'm glad you've got one.

booda baby said...

Oh, and NOW I see your title. Well, consider that I talked to A. alot from Istanbul. But on Skype. In a lobby. With Istanbulese people loitering around, amazed I was talking to my laptop. Sexy it was not. Although the mac did get kind of hot after half an hour. I think that's a fan issue, though.

Brando said...

I love that you used "cougar lady" in a post.

Chance said...

Good for you!

And if it doesn't work out, I'll be happy to send you flirty text messages.

laura b. said...

Superb. You may actually find that it is easier to fit someone into your life if they aren't right there all the time. Ima go all Martha Stewart and say 'It's a good thing.'

Churlita said...

Mr Atrocity,

Thanks. I love it when you use internet speak.


Yeah. I guess I have to start believing again now, huh?


We'll see how it goes. As you well know, I've been down this road before...


A friend of mine meets her St Louis guy in Hanibal sometimes.


Yeah. We're takin' it to the streets.


So far, it's all anticipation. But hopefully, in a couple of weeks there will be more.


God. I haven't even thought about next year yet. I suppose it's almost here.


I got you on both the be careful and the have fun.


It would be great if it got me through the winter.


I think the plan is for him to come up here. And yes, we got us some ice up here.


It's nice to know we're both wishing the same thing for me.


Thanks for the link. You're my blog crush too. He does seem to have nice hands.

Booda Baby,

Having a cell phone, he can send me video texts of everything he's doing while he's doing it. It's fun and odd all at the same time.


Thanks. I love that term. It cracks me up.


Awesome. It's always good to have a back-up.


It's all very new right now. It's hard not to get too far ahead of myself.