Monday, December 10, 2007

From the Midnight Sun Where the Hot Springs Blow

Here is our shed through the ice covered window.

*Here's an update: Everywhere around town is losing power. So, if there is no post tomorrow, you'll know why. The University just cancelled classes for the first time in like 10 or a hundred million years - I can't remember which. So, uh, yeah. Wish us luck.*

So, there's all kinds of talk about another ice storm. There are gloom and doom reports of downed power lines and deathly road conditions. My girls are counting on it. They're sure school will be canceled and have made elaborate plans for their friends to come over so they can go sledding at Hickory Hill park until they get too cold. They'll come home and leave a trail of cold, wet outer garments all the way to my bedroom where they will finally park themselves on my awesome new bed and play Guitar Hero with brittle, still frozen fingers.

I would love a snow day. For those of you who don't live in the land of the ice and snow, a snow day is a get out of jail free card in its best and purest form. It's too dangerous to travel to school, but for some reason, everyone can make it to the sledding hill just fine.

I'm kind of giving myself a blog post snow day. My friend Erik sent me those photos through the mail and so I probably won't have them until tomorrow. He sent one to my phone and it isn't one I'm willing to share with you. So, hopefully, there will be at least one or two that will be fun and not too heinous and I can write about the Santa Crawl with photos to illustrate the whole experience.

So, here's hoping you all a snow day that's bad enough to keep you from going to school and work, but not so bad that you still can't make it to the sledding hill.


Remiman said...

Snow days...yeah
Ice storm....booo

Mr Atrocity said...

When I was a child, once, and only once, did it snow enough for school to be canceled. It is still one of my fondest memories.

Unfortunately the city of London generates so much heat that it almost never snows here at all, let alone enough to get me out of work.

dmarks said...

" finally park themselves on my awesome new bed and play Guitar Hero with brittle, still frozen fingers"

Almost sort of fits the lyrics "....electronic bands, with frostbitten hands" from the song "Alan Parsons in a Winter Wonderland".

Mr Atrocity: Gotta love global warming!

evil-e said...

I have done the snow day post before...last year a snow storm wiped out Valentine's Day for me. I could not get out of the drive....too bad.

Why are you not willing to share the phone photo? Is it that good?

Margaret said...

oh what I wouldn't do for a snow day: now that i've got a generator.... it snows once every few years here and the power goes out immediately, for days, and all the roads close

AlienCG said...

Luckily for me, I can still make it to the basement when the weather gets bad. That's where all the fun stuff in the house just happens to be.

Tara said...

There's always time for sled riding. :)

I love snow days. The school I work for doesn't do them too often anymore, but we did have one last February. I sat anxiously in front of the TV like a little kid, waiting to see our school scroll across the bottom as one of the closed ones, and there it was.

Not Fainthearted said...

snow day? haven't had one here in years.

I think it's only getting a little warmer today (highs in the 20's) but haven't heard about snow. Must be staying down by you (heh)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love sledding!! I used to steal the lids off of garbage cans and take off down the hills. *sigh* maybe i'll come visit :)

Killer said...


It's 66 degrees here. I would like it to just snow, it doesn't have to stick around long enough to cancel work. I can just call in sick for that.

minijonb said...

what we have today is more slush than ice, but it is still insane out there. lots of crazy drivers... and i'm the craziest of them all!

you take care!

booda baby said...

Oh, I hope I hope I HOPE you got some Iowa-skiing in! Oh, and I also hope you got uninterrupted heat and lots of hot chocolate but that's just because I love hot chocolate. If there was no hot chocolate around, I'd take wine or beer. Point is, I hope you got a lot of stuff that made you happpppy!

Brando said...

I can't believe I'm having nicer weather than you are.

Stay warm, and I hope your electricity stays on.

egan said...

Please don't slip on the ice and crack your tailbone. Ice storms are so beautiful, yet dangerous. The ice hanging off powerlines is cool and so dangerous. I am a huge fan of snow/ice days.

Suzie said...

we don't get snow days...or ice days... so we just have weather closing. we close early because it is to nice to work, so we all go to the beach bar fro drinks!

TLB said...

Be careful out there! Three ice storms in one year is a lot.

But it could be worse. You could live where I live.

MrManuel said...

Snow day...there hasn't been one here in like FOREVER!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I want a snow day, as long as the heat and hot water and television work and my kids are behaved!

laura b. said...

Most of what I know about ice storms I learned from the movie Ice Storm. So, don't go to any crazy key parties...or don't go out walking around getting electricuted by live falling power lines.
You do realize how curious we all are about any picture that you are so unwilling to share...

Churlita said...


My sentiments exactly.

Mr Atrocity,

I never get out of work either. Wah.


Yeah, but not quite so lyrical.


It's a little...It's something that could be incriminating.


Once you buy a generator, your power will never go out again.


I wish I had a basement full of fun stuff.


Even though our university closed, I still had to work. No fair.


It was all ice.


I would love that.


YOu're a crazy driver?

Booda Baby,

Thanks for the good wishes. I really need to go buy some hot chocolate.


Ours was on, but it was off all up and down 7th ave.


It is really beautiful.


I know. I have no room to complain.


Have you ever had one there?


I hear ya. But that's a lot of ifs.


Yeah, if this ice storm had happened in the seventies, I probably would have done all those things.

Barry Nong said...

Your lucky...we dont have snow here.....we can go sit in the ice freezer out front of the petrol station but its not really the same