Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Honey U Got 2 Slow Down

Here is an icy tree on Iowa Avenue across the street from Lou Henry's

Oh, kids. This long distance thing takes some time. I start a phone call around ten and the next thing I know, it's after midnight and I haven't blogged yet and don't really care. Sometimes it's hard to juggle all of my obsessions.

What I will say about long distance dating since the invention of the cell phone, is that it makes it both a little easier and a little harder. I know I've mentioned that we text a lot during the day. Well, toward the end of last week, Mr. St Louis discovered the beauty of texting videos. How crazy is that? He could send me a 15 second video of himself lying on the couch and watching 21 Jump Street, or take me on a quick tour of his room. On Saturday, he sent me numerous videos of his pub crawl exploits that got better and better as the night wore on. It was awesome. One thing I will warn you about if you're considering this kind of communication, is this: You know how if you drunk dial someone and you wake up the next day with a vague awareness of that action and maybe the person you dialed gives you shit about it, and you feel a little embarrassed, but you don't exactly remember it, so you can tell yourself that that person was exaggerating? Well, with video texts, there is none of that. You can go back and watch the video you sent someone when you were a few (hundred) sheets to the wind in all its blaring honesty. All I have to say is, I loved every one of the videos I received and some of the later ones were the best.

The other weird thing about sending someone flirty texts, is that it sometimes feels like I'm writing lyrics to Prince songs. You know? Like what I'm sending is dangerously close to, "I'm gonna try 2 tame your little red love machine...". Or what have you. Do you think in the eighties Prince had any idea that someday every teenager would write like him?


Remiman said...

Isn't new love just so exciting and titillating? It heightens every one of our senses and puts us in tune with the magic world of magic.

Oh, and thanks for the pic of that awesome tree!

evil-e said...

Hopefully the two of you use protection when long distance love texting. What I mean is that the plan includes unlimited texting or picture, that cell bill could be a bear if not. I know when me and Renee got all cute via the phone, the bill sucked.

Mr Atrocity said...

Prince style lyrics are probably a good thing to aim for. If it were Celine Dion you favoured I would worry.

Anonymous said...

Prince is totally proud of himself.... and about the texting thing too. ;-)

That crack about Celine Dion made me snort my coffee though....

Anonymous said...

LOL, I didn't know you could do that! Have things changed so much since I've left?!

NoRegrets said...

Wow... Kind of yearn for the old fashioned days of letters arriving in your mailbox. But, what you are doing also sounds like fun.

TLB said...

Texting and videos would definintely make phone sex more interesting...

fringes said...

I heard you had a new love interest, so I left my bedside vigil to check it all out. Have fun! And don't skimp on the details...your blog readers must know.

David in DC said...

That sounds great.

Enjoy! :)

I wouldn't worry too much bout the Prince thing unless you spend hours trying to replicate the symbol he was using when he was called "the artist formerly known as Prince".

That would be overboard.

laura b. said...

Can you blog about how you and Mr St Louis met? Inquiring minds....

Tara said...

Just as long as you don't quote from Prince's song "Get Off", I think you'll be safe. ;)

Brando said...

You know, Purple Rain does kind of feel like the world's longest, greatest text message.

I am wary of the constant use of video. It drops the cold water of documentation onto the warm blanket of dramatic exaggeration.

MrManuel said...

Yes, I am sure once you 2 get serious, video texts could be very interesting.....

Chance said...

because u have found ur new love, my blog now has no readers. but i am still very happy for u. hope it works out.

c u l8r lol :)

Churlita said...


Exactly. No prob for the tree pic.


He just had to add unlimited texting on Monday. I think we're covered.

Mr Atrocity,

You never, ever have to worry about that.


I'm glad you had a good coffee snort. We all need more of those.


You mean text videos? I don't know if all phones can, but luckily, both of ours can.


Letters are nice for friends. They take too long for flirting.


It is so different than just having a regular phone.


I hope things are going well at your vigil. Thanks for the well wishes.


I'm not that into symbols. I think we're okay there.


I'll try to get to that soon.


Yeah. That's not the most subtle song ever written is it?


In normal circumstances, I'd agree with you, but in long distance relationships, it's kind of awesome.

Mr Manuel,

I hope you're right.


You're really good at that. ARe you sure you don't write lyrics to Prince songs?