Sunday, December 02, 2007

You're Closing the Door, You Leave the World Behind

Hey, check me out. I'm only one day late for posting my Saturday scavenger hunt photos. I even did it on purpose this week. I wanted to write that "failed dating" post on a Saturday night when blog traffic tends to be lower. It felt safer somehow that way.

This week's word was cold. I'm also putting up pictures by our guest photographer Coadster. She took these during the quaint little ice storm we had yesterday. Let me just tell you again for the millionth time that I'm not the biggest fan of the cold. I didn't see snow for the first time until I was 10. On TV it looked so fun, but I had no idea that in real life, being cold can not only be uncomfortable, it can be painful. When I lived with my aunt and uncle, they made us finish building a barn in a snow storm and I got my first frostbite on my toes and the place on my forearm where my jacket and gloves failed to meet. Since then I've also been frost bit (bit by frost?) on my ears a few years ago when I rode my bike to work on a twenty below zero day and my hat slipped up a little. The five minutes it took for me to safely pull off the street and fix it, was long enough to cause lovely gray lumps to appear on the tips of both my ears. How sexy is that?

Because I try to be at least a little half-full, I'll tell you the thing I do like about the cold. I like to hibernate. If the weather's nice, I'll keep going and going and running and trying to get shit done, until I pass-out from exhaustion. The cold keeps me inside and sedentary. Luckily, we didn't lose power at our house (although they did other places in town) and I gave myself a get out of jail free card. I did almost nothing all day but play video games and watch movies. We ordered pizza, so I didn't even cook. It was wonderful, and the best thing was, I had an excuse.


evil-e said...

Great pictures of cold. Seems you people in the middle of the country have the corner on that market right now.

Glad to hear you still have power, I just heard that Iowa was one of the states that had a lot of outages.

laura b is picking the next word....

Not Fainthearted said...

yesterday must have been "sit on the couch and look at the freaking snow" day. Did the same thing up here. When I could muster the energy to look out the window

Not Fainthearted said...

oh yeah. I keep asking. What's this picture challenge thing you keep speaking of? can anyone play?

Tara said...

Yes staying in and doing whatever you want is definitely an upside to cold. I love to be safe and cozy in my apartment when there's a blizzard or storm. Great photos! Tell Coadster she did well.

booda baby said...

Coadster couldn't have gotten the cold any better and any nostalgia I have for it (those Iowa nights with big fluffy flakes when you're with people you love or, hell, just like and you're howling to the last tune you heard on a jukebox)has been neatly put away.

So I'm grateful.

And since I took the time to read about a billion of your earlier posts, I'm also feeling really glad for you. If there's one Mr. Awesome, then there's definitely a second or third one. A lot of men in Iowa (in my experience) need help letting their Awesomeness reveal itself. They wasted a lot of time getting good at the cliche and missing that the cliche was only going to get them a cliched chick which is hardly EVER what they really want.

blah blah blah.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I was thinkin' about cha.

We had some bad weather here too. The electricity went out long enough for me to panic for a second and hit the send button on a retarded comment I was writing on some one elses blog that I probably wouldn't have sent at all.

Damn battery back up.

How do you get in on the Saturday photo thingy?

laura b. said...

Just looking at those pictures makes me cold! That's why I say, hey man, nice shot. haha!

MrManuel said...

Great pictures.
A day of video games and movies sounds like an awesome time! My kind of day!

Killer said...

When I lived in Montana, after a lifetime in the South, I loved the snow...for the first week. Then I only loved getting in from the cold.

Churlita said...


Yeah. I can't tell you how glad I was that we never lost power.


I put the info in your comments.


Thanks. I'll pass that along.

Booda Baby,

I'm glad you're back. I'm sure you may not be, but I can't wait to read all your world traveller posts.


The Saturday Scavenger hunt is pretty relaxed. Evil-E from Random Crap proposed it and it's taken off from there. This week, LauraB., from My Boring lIfe (link on my sidebar) is picking the word, and we all put up our photos on Saturday night (or there abouts). It would be great if you wanted to play.



Mr manuel,

It made me very happy.


Even if you're dressed for it, after a while it can be uncomfortable.

Emma said...

Oh I love cold days!! When I get to stay inside, of course. If I have to venture out, then it sucks butt.

Churlita said...


If only it would get cold on days where we could stay inside...